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Hello all, Long time reader, first time posting and I have a few questions. I am joining a friend in starting a lawn care business. We are new at the advertising game and are wondering what has worked for you guys and what we should avoid.... I've heard word of mouth is the best form of advertising but when no one knows you its kind of hard to go word of mouth.... I have read that post cards and door hangers work and flyers are the thing of the past, and that we need to have a website. What do you guys think? Any input you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Sencondly, we are looking at quickbooks for managing our books, what do you recomend for payroll. Is the QB payroll a good option?

Thanks for your help....


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I know how it goes trying to get the business rolling. We're just now completing our first year of lawn service at Dynamite. Here's what I've learned in regards to acquiring customers:

1.) Many people check sites such as CraigsList these days for lawn care providers. It's a good idea to post an ad on there, and continue to re-post the same ad as often as it will allow you to. NOTE: The "flashier", the better. Try to make it stand out as professional as you can.

2.) Always have business cards handy when you know you're going to be out in the public. You never know when someone may hit you up for an estimate/service (I get asked about my services while at gas stations quite frequently).

3.) People, namely seniors, are more prone to go with someone who's "clean cut" rather than someone who appears to the eye as your typical service provider. That whole "dress to impress" thing really does help, and make one more approachable.

I can't say these tips are 100% certain to bring in the customers, but I can say that it sure beats previous methods we've tried in the past such as door hangers, phone book ads, and simply knocking on doors and trying to pitch our business to the residence of a given neighborhood.

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Awesome tips! Regarding tip #2 the way to really impress your customer & take it to the next level is to hand them a business card with Stick-It on the back & or a Band-It attachment. If you can give them something that is truly different then it will help to make you memorable. Stick-It allows your customer to stick your card right to their fridge & Band-It can turn your business card into a door hanger thus making two products out of one!

Take a look at our specials & call us if you have any questions we can answer :)


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Those are great ideas... Thanks for the input... I am nervous about gaining new customers but that is to be expected I guess... I definetely agree with looking presentable to prospective clients, the more professional presentation, the more likely you are to be hired... I am in the process of getting cards and other esentials so i will be handing them out as soon as they arrive... Thanks again...


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We target certain neighborhoods with written hand addressed envelopes.
Find a way to get each name and address on a particular street.
Customers say that if it were printed instead of written, the envelope would hit the trash without ever having been opened.

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Check out our web site at www.profitsareus.com and check out our marketing material. We offer a printed manual as well as a CD that has over 35 templates that are ready for you to use. They are in Microsoft Word format and customizable by to fit your needs perfectly...

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Make sure you're in the local phone book (if there is a small-town version instead of the big yellow doorstop we found those work best).
I was researching which LCO's in our area uses facebook to advertise - absolutely no-one - but found out at the same time that in a facebook search, their search engine is bing and it will do a web search as well searching facebook pages. Plus bing.com is doing a free mobile phone/search directory listing that will help you appear in a bing search with mapping to your town even without your own website or facebook page...
I'm giving it a spin, hoping that the out-of-staters with smart phones might see us in the lineup when searching for landscapers in this area. You may not get picked out of the list any given time, but you definitely won't get picked if your not on any list at all. Yes we have a basic website - at least a handful of customers use it.
Always answer phone calls promptly; I still can't count how many jobs we got just because we called back - even in this economy.


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Don't have a partner.
Agreed. While one can appreciate the perceived security in having a partner, one must surely realize that 2x+ as many lawns are needed to make it all work. That equals 2x the # of stops each day as well...thus adding even more time to your workday.

Having read far too many times here at Lawnsite that friends become divided due to one working harder than the other is a recipe for failure.

Best of luck.