I have a Idea w/ roller pumps & hot box & downstreaming

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by mgramling, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Has anybody tried hooking up a roller pump to a hot box. If so, what are the results.

    I know the chemical bandit uses a 6 roller delevan pump. that pumps up to twenty gpm. It probably uses this pump below. http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_200321253_200321253

    But I was wondering what results could you get if you hook up a 4 roller pump to a hot box that could handle 8 gpm. A develan 4 roller pump can pump up to 9 gpm up to 150psi. My delevan 4 rolller pump and I have seen it do 175psi.

    I am thinking about buying me a hot box, and using my 4 roller pump to help with my fleet washing. I already use my 4 roller pump to do fleet washing. I am needing hot water though to help degrease.

    I am thinking it will work. Because on the pump side of a pressure washer going to the hot box, its going wide open with no tips, so therefore the pressure is a lot lower. But is pushing gpm not much pressure. Then it goes thought the hot box, discharge from hot box, the pressure hose, to gun to tip. Tip creating the pressure.

    Also wondering if you could use take the output side of roller pump with has 3/4" FNPT (female national pipe threads) and get fittings to hook up the appropriate down streamer and down stream your chemicals. Just like you would with a pressure water. without having to go back and to truck and apply soap and degreaser by other means.

    What do you guys think.

    Also the house washer guys, and desk washers, if you haven't done so, you can lean a lot about pumps here from the lawn spraying guys. They use all differant pumps, roller pumps, diaphram pumps, and electric pumps. those guys have a lot to offer when it comes to moving large gpm with low pressure.

    The reason I am saying this is the chemical bandit is not a new design. Yard spraying guys have been using the exact same setup for many years. Even farmers have been using this pump spraying 1000's of acres of farm land for even more years I wish I would have thought about marketing and building it for house washer. The only thing differant is the gun. We lawn spraying guys use the roller pumps, because its cheaper, easier to rebuilt, less maintence then a diaphram pump.

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    Heat 20GPM to 200deg F..... that will be expensive. Expecially at $3.75 /gal for fuel. Not to mention the BTU's needed to heat that amount of water. 2 500 000 would be a close approximate IMO.

    These roller pumps have thier place in the industry. Although a 20GPM unit with the ability to produce 3200PSI will open more doors than a smaller 20gpm 250PSI roller pump. Besides how are you going to feed a 20GPM pump out in the field?? Not with a garden hose I am sure.

    If you are looking for a smaller in the back of your truck set up start looking for an old field sprayer which was pulled behind a tractor. These units are about 350Gal and come equiped with a Alm. tank and a nice roller pump set up with a unloader and lots of spare parts. Picked one up a few years back for $300.00, with a little work they can make a nice wash set up.

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    Sorry for the confusion, I was asking about using a 4 roller pump. Which is able to do up to 9 gpm at 150psi. Then use a hot box, that can heat up to 8-9 gpm.

    Then next question was, what about hooking up a down streamer to it. with or without the hot box.

    I have my 4 roller pump set up on a 3.5hp engine. I have it set at 125psi. My engine normally runs less than 1/2 throttle, because I get tired of the noise, and it does around 5-6 gpm.


    Any opinions. I think I am going to try the down steamer thought. Because it would be pretty inexpensive to try out. If it doesn't work, I am not out much.
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    I reread your post.
    With a 20gpm pump. You have it hooked to a tank. Then the relief valve would have a supply line back to the tank. So when the discharge side is closed, it automaticly goes back to tank. In the yard spraying world is called agitation. Great I think if you pushing nothing but pure water for fleet washing

    I have two set ups actually. plus my pressure washer, which is a residential one.

    I have a 100 tank, mounted in the back of my truck with a 3.5hp motor with a 4 roller pump. Hole set up cost me less then $350 dollars. Northern tool had the tank on sale $79. Pump was $89

    Then I also have Leso system. a 300 gal. tank, with a hannay electric hose reel 300ft, of chemical proof hose, 5.5hp rear reduction honda, hooked up to a hypro A30diamphram pump, that is cable of 550psi, and 8.5 gpm.

    My lesco skid unit is actually built for spraying yards. But I bought it nonfunctioning used 2 years ago to spray my yard with and rebuild everything. then I got into washing cars and trucks. So i neutralized it. New this cost over $3,500 bucks. Great because with 300 gals, I can do about 6-8 semi's, or several cars. And not have to worry about water. Nice and quiet. and the electric hose real makes reeling the hose in with a push of a button.

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    There is a huge market in the new vehicle washing world. Sure it might be hard work but it is guarented daily / weekly work. Look around in your region for the larger new car dealerships. (100-1000 vehiles) Approach them on how they can save $$$ by having you wash the vehicles and get working. On a given work week we are washing 1200-2500 vehicles plus the commercial/industrial buildings. Not to mention the resi stuff.

    As a package you need the heat for the gum removal and detailing sidewalks. Don't forget it is all about baby steps, learning and re investing. Most of all do your reaserch and buld proto types using used equipment. Most of all think from outside of the box. You can wash and clean almost anything. A lady called the other day asking if we could wash her persian rugs!!!


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