I have a question about beetles.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ShawnDH, Jul 6, 2005.

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    I've seen some beetles around in my garage and in the house. Does that mean that I could have a problem with grubs? I don't have the symptoms of grubs yet but I hear that they do damage in the fall. Should I put down some sort of preventative insecticide for them and if so, what should I use?

    I just laid Tall Fescue Sod about 6 weeks ago. A little brown patch but other than that it looks fine. I'm in Atlanta, and we're getting a lot of rain. I put down a fugicide about a two weeks ago.
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    More than likely,yes,you and your neighbors have grubs.The question is,how many?A few grubs is no problem.Too many and they'll eat the heck out of your sod roots.I've had great success with Merit and some success with Milky Spore.
    What's happening is,the beetles are mating,then they fly down to the turf to lay their eggs.Eggs hatch and you end up with grubs in the lawn.
    Merit runs $135 for 6 oz's,but that 6 oz's covers about 40,000 sq ft.A small investment for the health of your sod.
    Now,the next problem.Your neigbors probably aren't going to spray,so you'll still end up with some beetles on your ornamentals.Spray your ornamentals with a systematic insecticide.They'll still feed,but will die as a result,leaving less beetles to lay eggs in your lawn.
    We've had japanese beetle problems around me.After spraying Merit and a systematic insectide on the ornamentals,they're few and far between now.

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