i have a scag cub w/ problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SPENCER HUNTER, Jul 19, 2007.


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    after completing a job yester day after i unloaded my mower to put it back in the barn,,,, my mower starting running like it was out of gas,,,,cutting out running rough,, my mower is now sitting in the middle of the back yard,, this there a way to dis-engage the pump's so you can push it or pull it back on to the trailor with no power both tank's are full of fuel,,,:hammerhead:
  2. EMJ

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    There should be a knob on both motors with a screw possible sticking through it. Turn them both all the way open. They should only go one way. That will allow you to push it. You should beablw to turn them by hand
  3. KennyW

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    I had the same problem on a Tiger Cub, Turned out to be bad plugs that kept fouling. If they are all black and sooty when you remove them, change them. I tried cleaning them but the problem kept coming back, I just changed them and it runs like new now. Kenny

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