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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Watkinslawnservice, Feb 19, 2005.

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    My wife operates her own house cleaning biz. She just conducts business under her whole name. I am starting a lawn service this summer. We were brainstorming, trying to think up ideas for a name for my biz when she came up with "Beautiful Prairie lawn service". The town that we live in is called Belle Plaine which means Beautifull Prairie in french. Well anyway I started thinking that maybe we should just combine our 2 businesses and call it "Beautiful Prairie Property Management" specializing in residential and commercial lawn and cleaning services.

    What do you guys think about this? Is there any advantages or disadvantages you can think of? One advantage I could think of was that we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone as far as advertising since we have basically the same target market.

    Another question is, what kind of a business would we have to set this up as? Would it still be basically a sole propriotership or would we have to set up a partnership?

    Thanks everyone, this site is awesome!
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    That sounds like an excellent idea to me. That way a business could have 1 company take care of all of their needs. Imagine the possibilities! :blob4:
  3. Watkinslawnservice

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    Do you think that "Beautiful Prairie Property Care" is a better name than "Beautiful Prairie Property Management?
  4. Watkinslawnservice

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    Or maybe "Beautiful Prairie Property Services"?
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    When I hear property management, I think along the lines of the guy that rents out apartments and runs the apartment community. I would go with Property Services if you are stuck on being 2 companies in 1. Personally, I'd keep the two separate. Lawn care and house cleaning isn't really that related, I would keep the finances separate. You can always use the same name, Beautiful Prarie, but Lawn Care and House Cleaning as 2 separate businesses.

    Just my thoughts.

  6. Expert Lawns

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    I'm with MTDMAN. It makes me think you're a landlord.

    Also, you may want to specify to potential customers (in advertisements, letters etc) that you are in business with a partner (you could say its your wife, but i personally would leave that part out) and that YOU are the lawn care professional and SHE is the cleaning professional. This way they are reassured that at least one of you knows what you're doing on each service. Treat it like you have a lawn care division and a cleaning division. Each of you heads up that specific division.
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    I think I would talk to my accountant and see if there are any tax advantages in having 1 company or having it set up as 2 companys. I also agree that property managment may send the wrong message. Around here most property managment companys don't do any work. They get bids from several contractors and usually award the contract to the lowest bidder. They get paid for this service. Whatever you decide good luck.

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