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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Jan 21, 2005.

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    Hopefully some one in CT will know, as I am sure the laws differ from state to state. I have had a few attempts to collect on me. Thus far I have never lost a case and have had to pay nothing. But obviously that cannot last what I do not know is what if anything do I have to pay when some one collects on me. I had one guy that left he had made about $4400 now 11 months later he tried to collect on me. I beat him bad in fact his house got raided but that’s besides the point I got the letter and it said I would be liable for X amount which was exactly half of what he had earned under me. Now had I lost would I have gotten a bill for that roughly $2200 or would I have paid part of it or would only the rate I pay which is currently 2.4% have gone up.

    Having never collected myself and never paid out anything either I have no idea how the system works. Only after seeing those numbers it does make me wonder. As for the P.O.S ex employee well let’s just say the state does not thing drug dealers should get to collect any more then I do. And I never even had to have a hearing my statement was all it took to end that basically you ever have an employee that’s always on his cell phone. Why do you think that is?
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    Hey Kelly.. I see noone answered your post. I have recently been given notice that the one and only employee I had last year is trying to collect. It was a shock to me because he was only employed by me for 4 weeks. He only brought home about $600.00 during those 4 weeks because he only showed up half the time. His gross earnings for the time period that they're inquiring about is only $420.

    This punk was unemployed for a year before I hired him. What a lazy POS!

    I'm curious as to whether you found out anything in regards to your questions?

    Maybe someone else can chime in? What can he possibly collect against $420 total income? How does this effect me?
  3. Littleriver1

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    It will come out of the unemployment comp. fund. Your rates will go up. Sounds like he is collecting from some one else but didn't have enough time in so it falls back on you. Not much help and it sucks but that's life.
  4. PLM-1

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    Back when my parents owned a few business' the employee had to be employed for a minimum time length and if they were terminated because of stealing or a few other things (can't remember) then they couldn't draw unemployment. Our business dissolved in '95 so I'm sure a lot of things have changed.
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    This is how Indiana works:

    Say they quit working for you and go work some place else for 6 months. They get laid off from that job and go file for unemployment. You will be figured into their base period because they skip the current quarter you are in and the one preceding it. They figure the base period form the 4 quarters preceding that. Now since they quit working for you. In indiana you can write and fax in a statement as to the reason they no longer work for you. If it was a voluntary quit then your experience account will not be charged. They just keep going down the list. But this way, by disputing it you will not be charged and your rates will not go up. Now if you fired them, then that's a different story. Have not had a problem yet.
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    i don't see why having his house raided would be grounds for not collecting unemployment.

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    In Virginia they skip over the last 3 months like in Indiana. Either 3 or 6 months, don't quote me on it. Voluntary quitters can collect if they can prove they quit to go to a "better opportunity", i.e. better pay, benefits, etc. I'm sure there are minimum length of employment/earnings requirements, not sure what they are.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    That was what unemployment did with the info I gave them for my reason to get rid of him. He quit on his own but only because I was going to fire him he was lazy as they come and from 5 o’clock onward he would get a call on the cell phone every min. I really was fed up riding in a truck with someone who only wanted to get out to go make his deals was more then I could take. We would finish a 20 min lawn get back in the truck and he would have 11 missed calls. I think what really pissed me off bobby was the fact he went on to work under the table for someone else right after he left me. But that guy was insulated from claims because he cheats and I got my stones busted since I do not. Not only did we have the inquiry, which I answered and beat but prior to that unemployment threw out the guys case once before I even heard of it. So what happens next I get random audit by the unemployment people to look into weather they should of dismissed the case that they never told me about. I get these 2 conflicting letters with in about 2 days of each other and they do not talk so when I resolved one the other clowns kept on wasting more of my time.

    It was not my intention to have his house raided but I am not complaining it scared the hell out of the rest of my deadbeat employees since they all have stuff to hide as well. Not one of them has tried anything after that wake up call that employers can hit back.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    So is that all that happens your rates go up? I do not understand then why they would send me figures saying I would have been charged XXX amount. It sounded like it would of been sent to me as a bill the only other way I could see that working is if your rates went up till you paid off the amount of the claim. I could live with that I don't think I could live with a large end of the year bill going into the off-season.
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    You should not have to pay out any money to him or any part of a bill. Your rate that you pay into the unemployment fund will go up. I also believe that you have to fire him or lay him off for him to collect. If he quits than he should not be able to collect.

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