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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by okielandscaper, Jan 30, 2006.

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    I have been mowing for 2 seasons, and my first season i just did my neighborhood by pushing around my equipment. Last year i got a truck and some more equipment and by the end of that year i got a walk behind and a trailer. I want to move up to some commercial lawns. I am not sure how to obtain those type of clients and was wondering if ya'll could help.

    Another problem i run into is bidding. Do ya'll have a method that you use??
    One more question, when is the best time to go around and get residential lawns?
    Thanks :)
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    The best time i could tell ya for residential(depending on where you live) is start in spring when everyone is thinking about how they don't want to mow the lawn again this coming year! It has worked for me!!!!!!!
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    its not all its cracked up to be,,,,and i beleive until you have more experience, its a losing situation... but maybe its different for you....

    good luck:)
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    It's hard to bid when you first start because you don't know how long a job will take you. I started bidding small residential lots (say under 5K sq ft.) between $25 to $30 this last year. When I first started it would take me an hour or longer to do but before the end of the season I could usually be in an out in an hour. Once you can look at a property and tell about how long it will take you can use that to bid. I try to bid jobs at about $50 and hour.

    Everyone tries to make commercial accounts difficult. The best way to get them is to start small, such as a gas station, etc. Stop by and ask for the manager and just talk with them. Tell them you'll mow, weed-eat, and edge for so many $ a week. The small ones like this usually pay per week. The bigger commercial jobs are gotten the same way. Stop by or research a telephone number for the owner or manager and ask them if you could submit a bid. The bidding is the hard part when it comes to the larger ones. After you have done it awhile you can tell by walking the property how long each element will take. The thing about the larger commercial jobs is that they like to pay every 30 days so you should expect to get paid for what you did today in about 5 or 6 weeks. I usually bill them for the month.

    Hope this helps.
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    you will also have to show proof of liability insurance, workers comp and any local licencing

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