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    PS. They are most definately for sale im my home area of Western NY, as well as Iowa, where I work on trees. Caution using generalizations like that. BM
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    Im sorry for not responding sooner, let me specify In New Enlgand they are no longer being sold. i believe since 2008 or 2009 they stopped retail selling them. they are invasive in mass, New Hampshire and Vermont. the only sources i can cite are my horticulture professor and 3 garden center owners 1 in Massachusetts and 2 in New Hampshire. the birds spread the seeds in the forest and throughout the land so they no longer sell them
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    My apologies, as well. After further research into the subject, I have found you are correct. They are being declared invasive in several areas of the country. Yet they are still for sale in others... Seems to me that given the number of them used in landscaping, the "genie is already out of the bottle". Thanks, and have a good one!
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    I have plenty of Dw Burning bush if anyone is in need of them! Havent heard they were an invasive species...

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