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    Currently I Cut About 1.5 Acres W/ 48" Husqvarna. Its Been A Horrible Machine-- Cloggs About Every .5 Acre (dry Conditions). I'm Looking At The Fastrack 18/52 And 20/52 And Exmark Ct. One Questions Is What Would Anyone Reccomend For Around 5k? What Is The Differnce Between The 18 And 20hondas. (obviously 2hp However, Stats Look The Same)the Hustlers Look Like A Heck Of A Machine. Any Problems With The Deck Clogging Up? Any Problems W/bagger. I've Read Several Posts Seems The Deck Opening Is Not Big Enough And You Can Cut It And Install Some Kind Of Kit. Is This Still An Ongoing Problem With The Current '06 Units? Or Just '05's
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    The only difference is the 2 hp and the decals, the extra hp is gotten with carburetion.
    No problems with the deck plugging up anymore.
    We widened the discharge chute on these models about this time last year, so anything produced from that time on has the wider opening.
    The FasTrak will serve you well in the application you are talking about.
    Demo one and you will be sold.


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    It Just Seems Mentally An 18hp Motor Would Not Have Enough To Drive. Considering The Husqvarna Is A 25hp Kohler And 48" Cut. Even In 8" Tall Grass ? No Problems ? It Seems To Have A 350.00 Price Differance Between The 18 And 20. But I Guess If It Doesnt Matter I'd Rather Put The Money Into The Catcher Attatchment. One More Question...does It Have A Striper Attatchemnt Option? If So, How Much. Thanks Again! (i'm 99% Ill Go With The 18/52 This Weekend)
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    8" tall grass you might have a issue, thats a lot to be cutting.
    Both engines work great on our FasTraks, in fact they are among the top 2 units we manufacture.
    Yes there is a striping kit available.
    Here is the information.
    Stripe Kit, FasTrak (will not fit Mini FasTrak) Part # 321570 MSRP $103.00
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    I was in a similar position a few months ago in that I was deciding between the Fastrak 20/52 and the Laser CT. The big positive for the CT was separate pumps and motors vs. the integrated IZT for the Fastrak. But I wasn't keen on the Briggs Vanguard engine on the CT.

    I finally demo'd the Fastrak and that was it. Plus the Fastrak is cheaper you really get more for your money than with the CT.

    I am cutting my .93 acre property in about 40 minutes. One time I actually got through it in 39 minutes but who's counting.

    Get the Fastrak with a 52" deck and the most expensive engine you can afford I think you'll be very happy with it.

    - Mark
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    Many of my dealers in the STL area sell and reccommend the 18hp Honda vs the 20hp Honda.

    You will be happy with either one.

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