I have one question, what drives YOU to SUCCEED?!?! what is it?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. georgialawn88

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    lots of successful people on here. lots of people that wish they were successful and lots of people that had it and lost it and want it back. what drives you? what makes you go... what makes you get up at 4 in the morning. what makes you dream about success? what is it? critics? money? tell your story where you came from where you are and where you wanna be and what makes your ticker tick.... ill go first.

    Im 28. i have 2.5 kids and have been married 8 yrs. Since i was a kid i have heard nothing but negativity. When i graduated from high school my dream was to open up a pizza restaurant. I was 18 had saved 30 thousand dollars through high school working at a pizza rest. called premier pizza in covington GA. it was my dream i was talked out of it. Every time i went for something my parents said NO. i listened to them as i listened to them my whole life. I have 3 kids now i honestly think i could have been huge if i had support back then. I went through several yrs of "you cant do that BS" by pretty much everyone in my life. they never thought like winners. it was always lets play it safe. you wanna do that, go work for someone else and do it. In the last 2 yrs ive stopped listening. now when i tell someone my plans. mainly my folks i get a oh yea.... NEGATIVE. Thats what drives me. my critics. i regret listening to them when i was 18. safe, play it safe, oh you gotta be safe. too safe! sure im safe but their safe is insane. The drive that i have comes from my critics mainly. ive always wanted to be something. something i will be remembered by. Thats my story whats yours?

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    What drives anyone that is successful? When people tell them they cant do it, like your parents, you go out and do it. Find ways to make things happen instead of excuses why they didnt
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  3. larryinalabama

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    The thought of going back into the corporate world keeps me cutting.
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  4. zturncutter

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    I have one question, what drives YOU to SUCCEED?!?! what is it?

    My mortgage payment
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  5. grandview (2006)

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    I get the shakes of the thought of working.
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  6. alldayrj

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    Student loan payments- fast tracking them so i can finish and buy a house. Then a mansion
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  7. JB1

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    I have trouble getting going anymore, met a lot of goals, so trying to figure out next move, maybe a million in cash maybe.
  8. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I'm 24 no kids, single, and i started when i was 14...maybe 13, I was never really given anything, once i hit 13 my parents kinda cut me off, they never really gave me an allowance, or money for that matter, so i never really had anything unless i worked for it. we moved to the house we are currrently at in 1998, my dad bought a craftsman mower new from sears and when i was 12, maybe younger he taught how to mow the lawn and weedwack, how he was taught which i later learned was the wrong way. so i mowed our lawn for a year then, for some reason, that mower broke and he needed another mower, and one of his friends in new haven had a 52" hydro walkbehind from the late 90's and he bought that for 1000 dollars and i started using that for my lawn, and the next thing i know i was doing 5 or 6 lawns within walking distance, and i started getting money, a lot of money for someone my age, and i was able to buy stuff i wanted, i mean alot of stuff, nice tv for my room, nice couch, ac unit, surround sound, whatever games and dvds i wanted i could buy. so it was money at first, then it turned into critics, baisically people telling what i can't do, teachers from 7th or 8th grade all through out high school, having two older brothers that did very poorly in school and constantly got in trouble for everything you could think of with the school and police didn't really help my name out at all. but i managed to live through it all. I would say so far I am proving all of them wrong, I haven't gone back to visit any of them yet, because I feel my success isn't great enough yet, but I'm not too far from it, maybe another year. another thing that motivates me is money, there are things i want in life, most of them i'm not very far from obtaining.
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  9. georgialawn88

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    RSK, good story man. thats the kinda stuff i was looking to read. good for you. 24 yrs old, Keep going!
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  10. georgialawn88

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    awesome response.
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