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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jmfoxllc, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Hi, i am looking to start up a basic lawn care service in south louisiana and need help with some questions. What kind of insurance is normally needed and how much does it normally cost, where do i get it? Where do i get contracts from? I want to make sure that they cover my ^sz. and What is a good starter Zero turn? Something in the 19-22hp range. and cost efficient for a starter. I am a honda cert small engine and motorcycle tech, and i have to say that i love Kawasaki engines as far as utility. Is that a crazy thing? Basically, please help me with all the basics. Thank you dearly, jason
  2. Sweet Tater

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    My suggestion for the ZTR is don't get one, yet. Start with a walk behind. ztr is a luxury. A wb cost less an is as versatile as a ztr. I get my insurance from the same folks I got my truck insurance from.
  3. jmfoxllc

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    thanks tater, what kind of insurance is required to just mow residential? Is there a name for it? What kinda walk behind do you recomend starting with? Also, i think i like shindaiwa trimmers, am i on the right page? I just want to get started and do 15-20 accounts per week. Does that seem small or too large. I use to cut about 5 a week when i was in junior high, so i figured i could handle 15-20 easily hu.?
  4. Jay Ray

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    You need business liability insurance. When you (and you will) break the $500 window you pay for it out of pocket. If your mower throws a rock and hits someone you call the insurance. Insurance is for the big stuff.

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