I have shunned all pre emergence

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawrence stone, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. Last season I applied no pre m and then applied a broadcast liquid app of post emergent in May.

    I have found that with just two aerations, dethatchings, and fertilizations per year I can make the bluegrass choke out all the weeds.

    If you put down pre m the rhizomes of the bluegrass are killed off.
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    Very interesting theory, Larry. I have been concerned about the root pruning effect, but never thought about rhizomes. Is rhizome meristem the same biology as root meristem? Got any more detail? Pics of damages?
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    I don't pre-em grow in eiither. When pulging St Augstine grass we just let the weeds go until they need post-em. Pre-em will slow grow in. St Augstine grows from runners and if the runner can not put down roots they don't grow as fast. I only use Pre em on Crab grass or real problem areas. Like Stone says a health turf is its own defense against weeds. If I have a nice where weeds can get in I try and plug that area. Of course warm season turf is different than cool season turf but I think the theory is the same. I do pre-em my planting beds if they are real wet and I have a problem with weeds.
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    Couple of years ago, I heard of a group of southern golf supers who were so concerned about the crabgrass pre-em root pruning effect, that they quit using it. Instead they used the low rate of Acclaim, spraying every two weeks.

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    stone i like your thoughts what did you use to dispense the liquid? home made set up?i am curious i see your method to be superior and probably more cost effective
  6. Looks like the same biological process to me.

    As far as damages are concerned if you look at any lawn that as been 'treated' by Big Green for the last four seasons you will find that a prime example.
  7. I will be adding another can caddy to the stone-a-green so I will have access to two can sprayers plus I am buying two new 9-gallon poly tanks that fits inside the spreader.

    Then converting the pump etc from my 15 gal round tanks over to the 9 gal jobs and adding a fold up boom off the front of the spreader.

    In theory you buy as little as possible off the big chemical companies. When you only apply as needed when needed to do the least amount of damage to the environment while still providing the end user with an acceptable product.

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    Right on Mr Stone can't wait for you to see the old Huffy.
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    Where I work we just mow short and out comes all the annual poa....aeration works SUPER on our fescues which have rhizomes...I support healthy soil in my fertility program. Here's a link:http://rootsinc.com/aboutroots.htm
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    Fescue with rizomes?????
    Must be that warm season type?????

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