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    Hey happy Friday, guys, I have yet again, some questions for ya.
    First off, I was wonding if there is a somewhat of a guideline for $/sf for cutting lawns. like is it maybe $5/500sf so i know what to bid on my first commercial property?
    2)For those of us that do landscpaping construction jobs, do you charge for the design process? If so, what are the general prices per hour for that?
    3)What is the charge for excavation? I know installing a brick walk or driveway is about $13/sf but can you give me an idea for that?
    4)Finally, For walks and drives with a gravel bed, can you put mortor in the joints instead of jointing sand?
    Thanks again for the replies

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    Does anyone have an answer?
  3. D Felix

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    I've seen $1/minute, $35/acre around here, but then again, I'm not a mower boy either....
    It depends on the design and how detailed/extensive it is. Yes, charge for the design. You're giving your services away for free otherwise. You can "rebate" the design fee if the landscape is installed, but charge for it! It also helps to weed out those that are just price shopping; if they aren't willing to pay a couple hundred or so for a design, how likely are they to pay a couple thousand for an install? Do a search in this forum, it's been discussed a couple of times before.
    Again, it depends on the job. A walk or driveway *could* be $13/sf, but it could be higher or lower depending on what type of material is used too. If we have to do any major excavation (more than you would want to dig by hand), we get a machine, be it an excavator or a skidsteer. Those are rentals, so that price is figured in, plus our hourly rate for the operator.
    I wouldn't. See the recent thread by Jim Lewis, something along the lines of "need help with flagstone patio" for the reasons why.

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    thank you sir, I appreciate the reply!

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