i have the 07 hustler mini Z 42 w/ 19 kaw

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    is there a way to get more room in the cockpit the levers and seat is in the highest setting being 6foot tall it is a little cramp,,, other than that this a great machine,,, the seat needs to be further back, it is in the furthest setting,,,,, is there a some thing that you can do to make the seat go back further? your feed back will be greatly appreciated,,, can cut my 1 acre in 25 min,,, trim and blow in 15 min,,,,this machine is my 1st new commercail mower,,,,,,"way to go hustler":clapping:
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    As long as you have the seat lever all the way back there is not a way to move the seat further back.
    You can buy a set of steering arm extensions otherwise, they will move the levers out and up enough to clear your knees.
    They are part # 333724

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