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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Just Deb', Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Just Deb'

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    Well Hello everyone - I'm new to the forum and see that everyone is more than willing to help. I am currently in teh process of purchasing a small lawn mower - home owner with less than 1/4 an acre, and got totally confused when I went out searching the other day. Of course, I thought getting the opinion of several guys in the store - Lowe's, and I heard three different opinions. Left the store with nothing but one decision in mind - keep paying the lil guy who does it now!

    Anyway, one guy was extremely helpful but stressed how he'd rather buy a Craftsman - why?. Can someone tell me why I should choose Craftsman over Toro? I believe Toro would be able to do just what I need it to do...if not, why? Oh spoke with a salesman...discussed the self propelled item; I believe the engine had something to do w/6.5 and large rear wheels. Please advise.

    Thnxs, Deb'
  2. RichmondR

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    Your best bet probably would be to go to one of the stores that specializes in power equipment in your area -- they will likely have experienced folks who will know what your local conditions are in terms of type of grass, soil, etc.. They usually will be price competitive with the "big box" stores like Lowes or Home Depot, plus they can service the equipment that they sell.

    I dont know why someone would recommend Craftsman over Toro -- if you search on Craftsman on this forum you will likely see a lot of negative posts about quality or flimsy construction. Some of that is probably unfair because for the average homeowner it will not make much of a difference, and Craftsman does have a reputation, or at least a perception, for offering more for the money, like more horsepower or features. I think you can only get Craftmans at Sears, but maybe not. On the other hand, I have used Toros for 35 years and they have a great reputation both on the consumer and commercial sides for lawn care equipment.

    Unless you are looking the expend a lot of energy, you should definitely get a self-propelled model. These come in two styles: front-drive, which is usually available on less expensive models, and rear drive. My personal prefernece is front drive because it is easier to turn the mower IMO, with the drive system engaged -- you just lift up the front wheels. On the other hand, front-drive models tend to pull debris under the mower while you are mowing.

    Another good place to look is consumerreports.org -- they will usually have a lot of valuable information on how to choose a mower, freatures to look for, and ratings of models.

    Good luck.
  3. Lawn-Scapes

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    Hi Deb'.. Did you make a decision?

    If you don't mind spending a little more money... look at a Honda mower that should be available at you local Home Depot. Self propelled with variable speed. If it's too much to spend.. I'd recommend the Toro.
  4. kalyeah

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    I know a couple guys that work on mowers for a living. They both always tell homeowners to stay away from the craftsman brand.
  5. ReckordGeneralMaintenance

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    I agree craftsman's mower you never know who built them i been doing lawn care fore about 20 years and have a few toro's and they always hold up good for me. The one home depot sell are not the quite the same as the commercial units but have about the same engine and are a real descent mower
  6. dcondon

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    check out the cub cadet mowers.......... Works great for us!!! :waving:
  7. Oldtimer

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    The best value is a Snapper. They can only be purchased by independent servicing dealers. Only buy from the store that will also be providing the service for your new mower.


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