I have to mow this guys pond.....

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Newbie07, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Newbie07

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    All Right i got a problem. i am mowing a new house and the back yard is not even. There is one spot by the fence where there is always standing water. i have asked not to water before i come but it can be over 100 and there is still water. i am putting ruts in the yard but don't know how to avoid. i have tried to simply weed-eat the spot. i can get the really bad parsts but it is a large area. It is a speck home i am doing for a builder but he is selling ait and i am continueung for the homeowner too i think. i don't want to tear up the yad and would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank You :confused:

  2. SellOut

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    If it's to hard, I would consider firing them. OR-- Try to convince them into putting down a new lawn. :cool:
  3. Lawn Sharks

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    If it is a spec home encourage the builder to grade the property properly so that the new owners don't face the same problem. Pools of standing water in a normal yard just means they were lazy when grading it.
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    Since you are in TX, you can simply add sand/topsoil to the area to raise it and let the Bermuda run back into it. If its a grading issue then talk with the builder, if its a low spot due to lazy, fill it.
  5. Lawn Masters

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    standing water is breeding grounds for mosquitos, it MUST go.
    I'd rent a skid loader and bring a load of topsoil in, fill the hole, and let the grass grow back in, thats pretty much what I did with my lawn, but I just ran over it all with a tiller and it looks great now.
  6. Newbie07

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    Yeah, you guys are right. It is a problem and i guess i need to talk to the builder to correct it. i don't know if he will get mad or be thankful that i brought the problem to his attention. LOL. I guess we'll find out. Thanks you guys


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