I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    If anyone's seeing rapid growth spurts on a program where you visit every 5 weeks you are applying the wrong blends of fertilizers at the wrong rates and theres no way to avoid a little extra growth in spring no matter what you use.

    With 20 to 30% slow I see no rapid growth issues of any magnitude on my lawns and no complaints from clients.

    Now back in the day when we were applying 1 lb of N per thousand using 46-0-0 dissolved in water we would see it.

    Nowadays 1/2 to .75 lbs of N is more mainstream and there are some great slow release product available from 20% all the way up to 100% slow.

    30-50% slow is commonplace.
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    yup, we swtiched to 40%mesa this spring on reg program over 30%pcscu and have noticed a reduction of growth. gotta love that when having to mow it. spring is always a flush with or without fert. sometimes it is so thick that even cutting only 2.5 in off is a little clumpy when sticky and damp
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    so my camera is out of commission right now but i can say my lawn and shop that are test plots for ONe app area still super green, despite the heat wave we have. i have not irrigated my lawn yet this year but i have to on some of my customers lawns. most of my regular customers are a bit on the dry side looking and are pretty green, but they could use a dose with the rd 3 we are getting ready to do.

    i did put it down too heavy on the shop and it is growing a bit more than the other test plot of my lawn.
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    i have some more info for you guys, we were hit by a hot and dry spell and most lawns were beginning to get a bit dry, some browing here and there.

    my test lawns with one app(which had no supplemental irrigation yet) were still very green and even one could say lush, with no sign of stress

    very interesting find and i think i remember this from others using this product reporting it too.
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    Get some pic's up, I am curious to see the comparisons.
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    ill will be taking pics this week coming up for you all
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    This has been a great thread. Would like to see all the pics soon!
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    i would love to, but my camera batteries are dead at the moment, i will see what i can do!
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    How are the lawns treated with Duration doing?
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