I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    I sold IBDU in the 90's and went up against Osmocote and Polyon all the time. I can't say bad things about the idea of using it other than to say that these technologies are definitely temperature sensitive and the pores that release the nitrogen will expand in higher temperatures and release more nitrogen. I would expect it to be totally played out by late summer in a hot year.
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    well, it is hot this year and so far everything i treated with duration is looking super awesome and very green, even better than the regular treated lawns wehn we had a mini drought. now we have lots of rain agian and they still are awesome.

    i am so sorry my camera is not working without batteries, you know how it is, i keep forgetting to get some so i can take pics as i am so busy with work and other things.

    i think the growth has been a small amount more than the regular program, but i also feed very lightly in my regular program compared to what i used to do.
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    Here are some pictures of my lawn which was treated with sifi in early April. It looks better than my neighbors who's lawn was treated about a week ago by another co. It is sweet.....





  4. grassman177

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    ok, now others are posting pics on the thread i started, now i feel like a schmuck. i will have to get some batteries for my camera and snap some pics for you all.

    currently though, i have the very beginings of brown patch which i am spraying this weekend along with several others so although the pics might not pick it up, i know and it sucks. my neighbor that i manage has the same turf i do and also has the same fungus, but worse! which is odd since she does not irrigate(but then again i am not either right now as we have had lots of rains) and she was also treated with One App.

    i can say though i have not sprayed any weed control yet this year on any of the One app tests lawns as they are super thick . very interesting, though i think only the very healthy turf is the reason, not the cavalcade as i have used barricade for a few years now
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    hmmmm... nice looking yard, and house for that matter. So you seem fairly happy with it? I am curious how careful you have to be in spreading. If your paths are too narrow or even too wide are there stripes of any kind or splotches? Also, if it was put down too heavy or even too light what issues would THIS fertilizer give? Also, too rainy or too dry what effects?

    Just curious... not that you or anybody else is going to purposely spread light or heavy, I was wondering if you got explosive growth from too much and then deal with that for the next 8 to 10 months or what?

    Thanks for the pics by the way.
  6. teejet

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    I would be more worried about putting it down on hard ground and having someone that mows in the same tracks, crushing the prills. I have seen the green tracks from the 50 percent slow release when people do this. Also what if you have a thin step slope and the prills wash down the slope that is alot of fert at the bottom.
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    i put it down too heavy at my first test lawn, our shop, and it grows pretty darn well if you know hwat i mean. but reguardless, even in our dry spell, and with all this rain that is relentless it does not sem to grow any less , or more, it has remained a constand green and growth pattern. very impressive to me.
  8. teejet

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    Wouldn't 4 lbs. of product per k. be enough in the spring, if you are doing 2 regular ferts. in the fall?
  9. jsf343

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    so what size are the bags? 50 LBS.? how much is a bag? My guess is some where around $50 to $80.00 a bag since it is a one time a season deal, yes?
    When is the most ideal time they recommend laying it?
  10. grassman177

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    well, it is 50lbs. the cost depends on where you live, and how much you buy since it is shipped direct to you. I think $50 is the highest you would pay, but contact tim kehoe with One App, he is who i got it from. Great guy.

    anyways, also this is a product that is a 7-8 mo fertilizer with cavalcade pre emergent. it is designed to be put down in march and april time frame depending on you climate. it is a midwest blend, but he can blend in several types for zone,.

    also, there is other belnds without pre on it, that you can get varying amounts of time out of for different uses. i have many ideas on where a few of these types could be very useful in my program and in the future.

    also to answer another question from teejet, no you cant do 4lbs per K with this, it is a 7.5-8lbs per K product and would not release the way it was designed, you would have to use a different blend. if you want to understand more, read up on the duration cr fertilizer products, as there are many different "timed" release products and can be blended with one another to create whatever you would want a fertilizer to do. pretty cool

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