I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    well that was a great response there peiperlc, thank you
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    Yeh, sorry about that. Damn I-phone buttons. I was actually going to ask if you spread that with a z or t, but decided not to.

    Been watching this closely as I've been trying out some one-ap as well. I'm getting a positive response as well thus far.
  3. grassman177

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    spread with our zsprays. i thought i would see what my lawn would do without anything else for fun, and thus far i have not used anything else on my lawn besides fungicide and insecticide. i have sprayed NO weed control and there is none(save the back yard where i treat to a min due to my dogs). heck, for no unknown reason the nutsedge i always have in the front lawn has not even sprouted its ugly head. i know it has nothing to do with it, but interesting. i am by far very impressed with this technology and formulation. i am sure it will use some of this for the future on select accounts, and may sell some others on it as a special program(yeah, more money,ahha) as the program would be different than my standard one. i can see quite a few places i manage to benefit from this product as they seem to lose color easily as they are hungry grasses(not to mention they need some aeration) being bluegrass. the sod they grow here for bluegrass cheap sod is very nitrogen hungry, and to boot it grows very fast despite the fert
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    Very interesting thread. I keep wondering how I would save in labor when I am still going to have to go back and do the weed treatments that you just cant get around. I always have the chickweed in the spring, then r2 I get dandelions, r3 -r5 saplings, clover, violets, spurge and so on. I was wondering as well, if the rainfall is much higher than usual for a season, would the fert release more often and not give full yr coverage and even poss burn a lawn. I have 700 plus customers and would love to save some $$ in the treatment of the lawns, but the benefit of a six apl program is to be on the lawn enough to check for weeds, disease, insects, cust not mowing or watering correctly and any thing else that could be going wrong with a law. Those are the things the customer pays for as well, not just the fert and squirt that I do. I am not knocking this product, just trying to think of the way it would save me $$ in labor. I am always looking for the next best thing as long as it works. Keep up the good job on posting your results and pictures. This is a good year to test this stuff with the early extreme weather pattern we are in.
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    we have had a pretty wet year, with some fluctuations to hot and dry as well. it has seemed to pretty much grow the same rate every week despite the water and temps variables changing. there was an initial surge from the amonium, and then super steady. my lawn is a perfect test ground, but it is also improved varieties with good natural color anyways. still, it is obvious it has a steady supply of N.
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    well, ONE APP TIM just met me for dinner and we had a great time. tomorrow he is coming to the shop to see how his transition blend of one app i tried out is doing. It is doing awesome!!

    I will get some pics tomorrow for you guys to update how well this product is working.

    We had a great 2.5 hr long dinner conversation about all types of lawn care related issues, but the duration fertilizer portion was very interesting.

    We have had tons of rain this year untill about 2 weeks ago, then super hot and dry . so far, i really think the one app fert is truely going to last all season as it is almost september and it shows no sign of weakening at all. steady as can be green color and growth

    I plan on incorporating this next season into some of my year round pay accounts, and then trying to market it to customers as a way to have that never looking anemic lawn again as the results are outstanding. i used tons of mesa this year and my side by side comparison at my shop has shown just how much better the one app is than mesa(alays applied at 4lb rates with 15-18%N) It will take the right finesse but I know between my knowledge and salesmanship and Tim's great knowledge and expertise and marketing ideas I can use more of this product as time goes on and the results( what everyone wants, GREEN GRASS) will show and prove themselves worthy to customers.
  7. grassman177

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    oh, and by the way i have to this day not treated my lawns with on app with any weed control at all. i cant make the corelation to why, but there just arent any to spray! hhmmm
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    Healthy lawns choke weeds?
  9. grassman177

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    well i know that, funny one, but i mean it was better than ever before, and i have always had very thick green grass, but it did have some ups and downs with the program. BUT, if there is no ups and downs and only consitent fert then i could see where it would be an advatage.

    thing is, my lawns are irrigated so the turf canopy has never really opened up except where i got brown patch damage. i do however have some spurge in the edges growing into the drive, but not the lawn. My grandpas lawn i treated has no irrigation and it has suffered the past few weeks and i did an application for weeds on it a week ago or so, but it still was very very few and no dandelions despite everyone around him has non treated messes.

    ONE APP TIM was at my shop this morning and he took a couple of pics and think he will be posting them soon, i of course forgot my camera at home! we looked and found prills in the turf which was very neat. found ones that had not been spent up, and some that had which are shrivled down and "spent out". cool stuff.
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    Sorry it took till tonight to post. After leaving Grassman I headed west for Salt Lake City with a stop in Cortez CO. I’ll be working all week with IFA our One AP distributor in Utah. A flatlander like me gets taken up with all the mountains. Anyway, the visit with Grassman was great. I’m glad to see that One AP is performing as expected. Grassman has a nice business, clean trucks, professional employees and organized base of operation.

    The reduced weed pressure observation is a common observation from One AP users. I credit this to consistent vigor of the turf minimizing weed germination. Additionally, I think that One AP using companies have the time to make more thorough broadleaf weed applications.

    In case you’re wondering, that is Grassman and not a paid model in the picture.




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