I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    4 pounds of N? it would seem like you wouldn't need as much since its a slow release. My fertilizer reps always recommends a lower rate of slow release. Will it carry over to the next year like nitroform, if it doesn't all release? How much do you need in Chicagoland versus Orlando?
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    Not sure where you got the 4LB rate off the thread. Grassman’s turf was treated with 3LB N with our One AP Transition blend. We recommend 2.5-3LB N for season long for the transition blend. 2.5LB for commercial and un-irrigated lawns, 3Lb for residential irrigated lawns. For our One AP Northern blend we recommend 2-2.5LB N.

    Some reserves will carry over depending on the conditions of the year but not like nitroform. The nutrient will continue to defuse from the coating until it’s totally gone. The design of the product is to have a slight overlap. If you were to stop fertilizing after using One AP for several years you would notice it where if you stopped with nitroform it may continue releasing for???

    Chicago VS Orlando In my opinion, for the current types of Duration available, once a year can only be achieved from Georgia north. If Agrium comes out with some longer length types then it may be able to be achieved but for now two split applications in Florida. I think Atlanta once a year is achievable but I would want to understand the market and would need to know the N rates currently for a conventional program. A good starting point is 40-50% less N than a typical conventional (A+ results) program. As we move further south N rates would go up and the blend of Duration types would change to achieve a longer length.
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    great post and thanks for everything TIM. thanks also for your thoughts on reduced weed pressure due to consitent turf vigor(given irrigation or steady rainfall)/
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    Six months to the day... Pictures taken this morning. One AP applied 4/6/2010. We’re plenty dry recently in Chicago you can tell looking at my neighbor’s lawn to the left. This has not been the norm this year. We’ve had a wetter and hotter than usual weather overall. I have some interesting photos to add from my Utah trip a month ago.



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    These photos were taken about five weeks ago on a commercial property in Provo Utah that applied One AP in March this year. Finding the One AP/Duration CR pellets 5-6 months later can be difficult in the lawn. At this property the tree rings were left untouched after application so it gave me the opportunity to photograph a group of Duration CR 5 ½ months later. The tree ring is around the tree in the first picture to the near left. All four photographs of the tree ring are copies from the same photo. It’s very hard to pick out but there is a variety of Duration CR pellets in different stages of release. Some have completely released while others are in different stages of release. I selected and blew up two pellets, one that is just now beginning to release and is nearly full and another that is about half full of nutrient. The Duration CR pellets look like a deflated basketball once they’ve completely emptied. This property was applied with 2.5LB N/1000 and is irrigated.


    Tree ring far.png

    Tree ing Medium.png

    Tree Ring Close Full.png

    Tree Ring close spent.png
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    dude, awesome pics and nice home and lawn by the way.

    those mountains in utah look amazing,

    my lawn still looks great and is every bit as green as spring . i love this product! still had no weeds due to super thick turf, ihave applied no weed control to my lawn or my shops lawn
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    Love it enough to start using it in your programs to customers next year?
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    Indeed. I'm pretty impressed. What's the pricing for a low volume company? I may use it, but am mostly organic based.

    And I get to hike them weekly! :) This is a picture thread right? Not to far off topic! bahaha





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    thanks for the pics, simply amazing views and plants. i used to go backpacking alot but now i am so busy with work i dont have time to break away. makes me sad.

    to answer the question if i am going to use it on all accounts next year, the answer is no, but i am going to use it on the yearly paid accounts where cost is justified because of the way we bill, and cancelation concerns of course would be a loser if you did not make all of the rest of the apps etc.

    BUT, i am going to try and sell it up to descerning customers as a premium program or something, have not put thought into the details yet.
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    I didnt even think of that. Good point. By the way jd those are some really incredible photos. Little bit different than florida where you can stand on a step ladder and see across the entire state.

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