I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    So do I and it's a 3000 square foot residential. The biggest money maker on the planet. I do some commercial work but if I had my druthers, every job I did would be a working couple or retiree with a 3K resi.

    Everyone seems to love the big commercial gigs, but the money is in the small ones.

    And for something that's gaining ground as you say.....I didn't hear about the gimmick till last week and when I did I chuckled and thought of the pet rock.
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    it has been on here for over a year, so where have you been?
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    i have an even better idea, how about you give it the season with my pics to decide whether or not it works. that is the purpose of this thread, for me to post comments and pics thru the season to show and see how this product works. it is an evaluation, so it has not started yet, give it a chance as i am b4 you knock it. otherwise you are just one of those guys who talks the crap about stuff he has no idea about. try to limit your comments to something you have tried yourself that way you are credible
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    I'm glad you are going to do this. I have kept up on the other thread also. I am interested in this for a few lawns. It really doesn't fit in my program now but there is always the possibilty it will in a few years. I have my doubts about it but I am willing to learn about it and see the results. How else do you know if it works other than trying it?

    With your experience in the industry I'm sure we will get accurate results and feedback.

    I wonder about the uncontrollable variables and how it responds.

    Drought conditions and excessive heat or the opposite.

    What is the sgn and how did it spread?
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    Looking forward to your comments about the product. Are using the standard one-ap? I think they have a transition blend as well. I'm getting some this spring and am looking forward to trying it out on a few properties as well. I think I'm going to try out some of their standard ferts w/duration too. Curious on the size and spreadability/cleanliness as well? As far as fitting it into a multi-app program; I've heard some ideas and am working on my own strategy if the trials work out this year.
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    Not here. Just joined a month ago.

    Don't get me wrong. Better mousetraps are great but trying to re educate the entire connsumer public isn't easy.

    People like routine.

    I bet if someone came out with a food that a human only had to eat once a week, it would catch on with 5% of the public but 95% would ignore it.....because they like to eat and are used to routine and find comfort in routines.

    Not to mention they don't want to pay more for seemingly getting less.

    Human nature says this product will not be viable in the common residential marketplace which is my niche and always will be.
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    I'm not and have not knocked the product because it will work or not. All I am saying is good luck explaining to customers that everything they know, have been taught, and told, and are used too is now meaningless, and I have a Magic Bullet.
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    I have a few fert only accounts, (small islands) and back yards that are pesticide free where I will be using this. I am charging about 20% less than I would for 5 pesticide free applications and making a killing. I won't do this for my regular accounts but for non-pesticide and commercial accounts it works. Saves about 20& compared to a full program. My commercial program will have this and two other stops w/grub and weed..
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    as far as sgn goes, i did not pay any attention, but the duration part is uniform and very clean, the other parts are a bit chunky like rock salt. i am not knocking the blend, but it was odd sized and not uniform as far as prill size goes. it was however super clean with no dust at all, and easy to spread and i did not have to change my spreader . i did however at the recommendation of Tim spread these lawns twice, half rate each time and tow different directions to ensure i did not get season long streaks!!

    it went down at 7.5-8lbs per K for the poper amount of N and cavalcade.

    oh, and it was the transition blend one app 36-0-6 with .2 cavalcade
  10. grassman177

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    i get your point, and this was better worded and taken differently than your original post, thanks

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