I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. grassman177

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    dude, i really liked it. i have some plans on offering to new clients as a program to buy and also give it as a plan upgrade to current clients depending on how the other goes.
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    Bummer we couldn't meet up. But IFA, got it. I have one not 15 mins away. :) I am considering using/testing it on a 5 acre property that I manage. It's a camp and borders a river. Much to large for my residential organic program. I like the idea of reduced runnoff/leaching and the ability to minimize workload on large properties.

    The site is irrigated one day a week as that is what the schedule will allow. Basically no irrigation allowed until the one day the camp is empty. Then when empty, lay on the water. (7 zones, 3 cycles, 1 to 1.5 hours each cycle) Do you see any concern with this irrigation schedule and the fert?
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  3. grassman177

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    glad you brought this thread up.

    Tim, i need to have you give me a call or vise versa. we need to talk formulations, costs, amounts needed and delivery. i am gonna get the numbers together on how much material i will need to get for spring and let you know
  4. AGS14

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    Grassman, I do offer a program based on Duration (one app) and I bill the customers for the higher cost spring app (fert,weed, and pre-m) and then IPM follow-ups (spot treatments) for the remainder of the season and do generate the same amount of revenue I was getting with 5 fert apps. My customers that have tried it liked it!
  5. grassman177

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    i have been wondering how to incorporate it price wise to more accounts.

    however i plan on using it for those who pay me 12month payments for total care. that is a no brainer to me as i can make more money, do less work and get better results.

    so, you are saying that you basically make the same money through pricing, but do less work and in the end, use less material as part of it? a bit more detail is appreciated as you have spiked my interest.

    i really want to explore dif ways of lawn care and billing both.

    i even want to get into organics, with in mind some weeds have to be controlled with herbicide. but, with in mind of using only natural fert, corn gluten and soil amendments for every thing except the tough weeds. no blanket apps.
  6. AGS14

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    Since the average lawn care program up here is 4-5 apps, I sell 4 follow-up IPM treatments (spot treatments) after the spring app. The billing for the spring app is priced to recover all your costs and profit immediately. The follow-ups are spot treatments for weeds and surface feeding insects only as needed so the cost per thousand square feet is so low on the materials that it is just a labor charge. All other services like grub control, lime, non-lawn vegetation control, etc, are sold as add-ons
  7. grassman177

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    gotcha. thanks
  8. One-AP TIM

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    IFA is having a seminar February 23th at Salt Lake Community College, Sandy UT Campus. I'll be participating with a presentation on One AP. If you would like to attend send me a message.
  9. twcw5804

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    What is the latest in the season this product could be put down? I didn't really see anyone mention specifically how they are billing their customers. If you sell it to your customers as a one time treatment are you selling it as a whole years product and then discounting 25%? I'm new to the application side of the business and want to figure out how to offer this to my customers as I know there isn't anyone around here offering it.

    Also if a customer signed up that had not done any treatments on their yard before, and has a huge clover and dandelion problem how will the product work, or will other items need to be incorporated?
  10. grassman177

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    pre emergent is not going to cover your broadleaf weeds .

    a broadleaf app will though.

    you need to learn more about this before applying on someones lawn, and applications in general

    also, you need to understand the pests in a lawn before you can just start treating away.

    this is only a fertilizer for a season, that also has a pre emergent.

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