I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. grassman177

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    sure, i mean it is my opinion, but i think one most business men can share as far as that goes.

    it is a super product and i am using it on all my yearly accounts this year. i urge you to try some out even if it is only for a couple yards
  2. pieperlc

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    I've tried to figure out how to integrate it into my program as well, and still haven't completely nailed it down. I'm trying a few methods this year. It is a great product though and as grassman said try it out on a few yards (your own, friends, family), then you can say you have experience with it.
  3. treemonkey

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    How would this product work on non irrigated lawns. I.E., in lower Michigan we almost always have a drought period of 3 to 5 weeks in mid to late summer.

    If there is a longer drought, what happens to the "leftover" nutrients when fall arrives with abundant rain? Are they released faster?

    I'm just not sure how this product can regulate itself over an entire 6 months when the rainfall is uneven.

    Thanks for any explanations. AND, is there a formula with higher K levels than the 36-0-10?
  4. pieperlc

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    from Midwest
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    Tim would be the best to answer this question but it is my understanding that the duration will lock off during the drought. Once moisture is present, it will begin releasing again. I don't think that you will get a flush of growth come fall. It will pick up where it left off. It works well as a contolled release product because it is very consistent with its release. It takes heat and moisture for the duration to work. Without both the duration won't release. When I say heat, I mean soil temps above 50-55 degrees. If it locks off for long enough in the summer I think it will last longer into fall and even carry over winter into the next year. How did I do Tim? I hope this made sense since I'm on my phone and can only see a few lines at a time.
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  5. grassman177

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    he will answer, but i bet it is something like you wont get flush growth but may have some that will last longer into spring and may not need to put as much down then.

    just a guess, but on one i used it on that is not irrigated made it thru ok, with some damage though as most lawns did. it seemed like there was a decent amount left in it come late fall as it was a bit greener than other lawns
  6. One-AP TIM

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    You did good! I'll just add a little.

    Your correct heat and moisture are the release mechanism and yes it does differ to a degree from one year to the next and from one condition to the next but the variance is more subtle then you would think. We had that example for the last two years. In the upper Midwest 2009 was unusually cool and dry and 2010 was unusually warm and wet. We build One AP with the correct combination of Duration CR types to match an average year. As you would guess the performance in 2009 was superb but so were other conventional fertilizer programs. Now for 2010….After having record heat and rain in June it would make anyone wonder (including me) how it would perform for the whole year. In the end, I had more positive feedback in 2010 then I had in 2009. I could tell the slight difference but the customers and end users were happy. In relative comparison conventional programs had a more difficult time in 2010 so the One AP lawns seemed to have an even more positive comparison than in 2009.

    As for the difference in irrigated and lawns that are allowed to go into dormancy, pieperlc is correct. The lawns allowed to go into dormancy will buy some time and sometimes will have a more positive result in the fall then irrigated lawns but this is very subtle. In 2009 I purposely over irrigated my front lawn (set the clock every other day and left it) and allowed my back lawn to go into dormancy for 2-3 weeks which I’ve done neither in the past. I wanted to see the comparison. Both had good color until about mid-November then the front lawn color started to fall off just before going into winter dormancy.

    We do offer a “Heavy Irrigation” product to offset over irrigation. This is meant for clock setters that won’t turn the water off during rainy periods. It costs more and you have to use more. Cheaper to fix the problem. Don’t sell much but I have it.

    We also vary our recommendations for irrigation. The “North” products are recommended at 2LB N/1000 for un-irrigated commercial and 2.5LB/1000 for irrigated commercial and residential. The “Transition” product is recommended 2.5LB/1000 for un-irrigated commercial and 3LB/1000 for irrigated commercial and residential.

    Though the ratio N-K looks wide, you will still deliver .33-.5LB K/1000 in a single application. Beyond this, we have our One AP ST (Sport Turf) 30-0-15 with 100% Coated K. I don’t like to see more then .5LB K in the muriate form applied unless it’s coated.

    To address the “not sure how” question. How about trying it on a couple of lawns. If you don’t have a convenient Distributor near you PM me and we’ll work something out.
  7. grassman177

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    we had tons of rain and super results, and the non irrigated did too, though there was other damages to the lawn, most came back well and with good color in the fall and now in spring as well. they have been cut shorter and are already about 60-70%green.
  8. One-AP TIM

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  9. Landgreen

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    Really old thread but any updates? Or was there a new thread started?

    I have used the 90 day XRT with great results. I'm interested in incorporating it or One Ap into my program.
  10. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Overall very happy, didnt last as long this he with high heat

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