I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    hey tim, you could answer his ?? about sgn, i have no idea

    as far as drought i wont be able to tell, i irrigate this!!!!!!!!! but i can tell if it goes drought stressed sooner or later than the other side b4 i irrigate
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    Thanks Brookview for the post. Riggle, we blend a variety of Duration types along with 8% of the nitrogen from Ammonium Sulfate to achieve a kick out. One AP is designed to achieve a color response throughout the year and most importantly after it’s first applied. After the ground temperatures increase along with a little soil moisture the Duration will begin to take over. Go to the Spread it and Forget it website for details.
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    The SGN size is 250.

    When the lawn enters a drought to dormancy period the nitrogen released from the Duration will stop and will not begin to release again until you have more moisture. Maybe you can cap one of the irrigation heads so you can evaluate.
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    SeedPro, You’re correct, It’s not about the efficacy. These products work if they’re designed correctly for the growing zone where they’re applied. It’s a question of value and marketing. Grassman’s company is a full maintenance lawn care company. His customers are not going to count how many times he fertilizes to judge the value of his service. They will take a glance every week after he finishes cutting to see how it looks. Is it stripped nice, walks edged, sidewalks blown off, weeds gone and does the lawn have good color. One AP offers the most continues color throughout the year. No more peaks and valleys. You may be a lawn care application company and if you are I understand the objection but we have a lot of LCOs using the One AP product in commercial applications helping them differentiate their business and capture some business they had trouble competing for in the past.
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    good postings TIm, thanks. there is even more Amonium nitrate than i thought, cool. it def kick started everything. my home lawn is super green right now and i have cut it once. i am cutting the shop today and will get more pics after a while to show any differences between sides.

    my thoughts are since it is spring and everything is lush, the real difference between rounds showing off color of regular program the most will be later in the year
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    Like I said. It's a small niche deal at best. No better mousetrap.

    When I see it at Home Depot I'll take notice.

    I hope you make a ton of money in the mean time, but I am old school. Not one of these kids that buys every new lawn care tool and product like young girls buy the newest pretty cellphone.
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    I would have to disagree It could be a contender if you sell it correctly and I don't have the same cell phone or phone plan that I had in the early 90s
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    nice analogy with the cell phone plan, i like that. things change and if you know how to educate then you can sell. i have never had an issue with change and my customers as they believe me if i tell them something is better or not.
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    Wow you shop for your fert at hope depot. Wow you guys need to know that Tim is a great man to deal with, he has involved with fertilizer his whole life and know what he is talking about 100 precent. And if he doesn't know something he will tell you up front and find the answer for you. Now if you think that this product will not work, you are all wrong. We have used it for the past 3 years with great results. Such that it has landed us a 5 year deal on some parks and recs jobs just because they don't want to see someone out there 4 or5 times. If you have questions you can call me or tim and we can help you
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    great response , how did you work it in to your program, charge more for the first app? get paid on a yearly basis? etc. curious. thanks

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