I have used some ONE AP as a test, info here!

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grassman177, Mar 20, 2010.

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    When you notify your customer that you will only be doing one fertilizer application as opposed to the four or six they are used too...and I assume you all do tell them,...what are their objections or concerns?

    I find it hard to believe they are all 100% positive about the scenario given that humans don't like change and need to be re educated and taught to believe just about everything new.

    Do they ask for a price break? Do you offer a price break since you say your costs have decreased?

    For example......Merit applications have come way down in price for me and all applicators in the area, because Merit has gotten almost dirt cheap so we pass the savings along to the client while still making a good profit margin.

    Like gasoline. The less the station owners pay....the less we pay and so on.
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    i dont have customers to tell yet as this is a trial for me. i dont think i need to if i chose to though, unless they ask. they dont care what i do as long as it is green and weed free.
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    I disagree.

    If they believe they are getting four apps.....you better tell them. I know you are just trying it.....but several say they already sell it......

    I wonder if they are telling their clients that they are only getting one application when they think they are getting more.

    100% slow release products are not new either. They've always been around.
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    A lot of the pricing will depend on where you are located. I'm much closer to the Chicagoland area and my pricing is lower than this per bag, and much lower than this on quantity. In the northern climates we only need to put on 5.5-6 lbs/1000 as well. That equates to about 2-2.5 lb N per year.

    Grassman- any updates on the trial? Has the traditional fert caught up yet on greening? Are you using the Lebanon 15-0-5 w/Mesa? Did you get any of Tim's pro-ap products to try out as well?
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    I price them what ever they need/want... Guy yesterday wanted yearly fert w/only crabgrass. So I said I can give you sifi w/ crabgrass for $$..... I charged him a little less than if I was there 5 times.... Damn good profit for doing one application. If he wanted weed control I would price that in as well.
  6. SeedPro

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    Whats a sifi?
  7. grassman177

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    yes, the other side has cought up now, and i would say are equal in green. i only have the one app with cavalcade to try.

    oh, so about the apps and telling the customer, the reason i feel i would not really HAVE to tell them(not like i am hiding anything, just not stiring it up either) is i would still have to go back to visit to touch up weeds or do insect, so i would still have to be on the place the same amount of times to do various services.
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    If I was a client and bought 4-6 applications of fertilizer and you didn't tell me you were only doing one....I'd sue your ass off.

    No offense.

    But you need to be clear with your clients as to what they are getting.

    Most commercial contracts are very specific as to the number of fertilizations they will receive......if it says 4-6 and you do one.....you have broken the contract, and are liable.

    If you can't sell this thing for what it is.....whats the point?
  9. Shegardi

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    I tell them all about it. I still do 6 visits for weeds, etc., I just won't have to fertilize it every time. Selling it is fairly easy when you explain what the product does and that if kept watered properly they will see consistent color without flush growth. About 20% of my acres were applied with SIFI in March and they look fantastic right now. Hopefully this will at least double next year.

    None of my commercials spell out how many fertilizations, just the number of visits and that they are to remain green and have good weed control. I don't do any commercials which are not irrigated, so I do not forsee any problems.
  10. SeedPro

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    I have seen a couple thousand spec sheets for commercial sites and none said anything about 'visits" They were all very specific in the number of fertilization and weed control "applications" they wanted.

    I'm not saying the product won't do what it says although you all think 100% slow release fertilizer is new. It's not. But I get the distinct impression people are claiming they are treating the lawn with fertilizer at these visits.....or at least the client is under that impression which isn't the case.

    You may tell them shegardi....so may a few others but I believe some people are playing shenanigans with a written contract here.

    Or will attempt too.

    I suggest you all bill them one time for fertilization, then bill them each time you go for a "visit" and see what happens.

    I can tell theres shenanigans because everyone wants us to believe that the clients are all totally in agreement with this process, and knowing humans.....theres no way there wouldn't be objectors or people not interested in this kind of radical change to their way of thinking.

    Again.....I ask. What the hell is a Sifi?

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