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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Todd73, Jul 29, 2018.

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    I still base my price on the size of the lawn. Even if they are next to each other. Good for me! For a change. Just like I had driven to them separately. Keep my mininum
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    I’m glad you guys separate yourselves from the others. I couldn’t mow a weekly lawn for $16 unless it was the size of a large throw down rug, or took 5 mins tops
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    Customers hint around. This means you will have 4 customers in this neighborhood. Me: Ya isn't that cool! That's big money right there!:laugh:
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    I wouldn't even cut it then unless was next to one I am already cutting.
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    We approached a company that we knew of and that some of our friends currently use. It was an open an honest, look, we are coming, it's already in process, I don't want to race anyone to the bottom. We've communicated a number of times on pricing and information in order to try and keep prices up and avoid the low ball stuff that is out there. Could he be feeding us a line and over quoting, sure, but our pricing has gone up significantly this past year and the work keeps coming in. The reality is that there is more than enough work to go around here in Florida and LCOs come and go. If a few can stick together and provide high quality work at equally high prices, the math starts to work in everyone's favor. He also does stuff that we don't do and when one of those add ons comes along we send it his way. We both benefit because he gets some add ons and we got the help we needed with solid pricing - and of course the customer wins too because the add on gets taken care of.

    We bid a job where the other LCO 'stopped showing up' and those always scare me. We looked at it and gave her a price that ended up being about $40 more per month. She then came back and asked about bi-weekly - nope, we don't provide that because it takes too long and is too hard on our equipment. She quickly came back and agreed to the pricing, is a prepaid account, and told us that she agreed because of all the good reviews we have on social media.
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