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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Todd73, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Jack Hammer

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    I like the train of thought. They’ll either stay on that level or wash out. Perhaps I should try recruiting some of the low ballers. They’d make more money if they worked for me. I can appreciate the go getter attitude.
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    I’ll agree. I live in Ocala fl. The competition is awful. You only get business if you’re really good or really cheap. I do have a couple clients that I do for as low as $35 a month but we do almost 40 in that neighborhood and the ones that are that low is mow edge trim and blow and front yard and drive way that is literally less than 1000 sq ft, 60seconds tops per task so like 4 min yards. My prices are going in April so I won’t be a part of this lowball nonsense.
  3. Highland79

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    I was just in Bradenton visiting family, and asked my brothers mother in law, out of curiousity how much she pays for lawn care. Gated HOA Community, 25$ a week, and she started complaining that they don't trim the hedges frequently enough, and they won't weed the beds, just spot spray, and the tall hedge in the back is looking uneven on top, and they overfertilized and burned a couple spots. Oh and they don't speak good english and they overall suck!

    I just let her talk and clammed up at that point. That was a 50 dollar a cut yard here, I walk away if I hear a complaint at that price. Hedge trimming or any other extras is 50$ a man hour minimum or I walk away laughing. I don't know how you guys eat down there.
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    I love people who want to complain about the level of service they get but if asked why don't you get someone else it's because the others try and rip you off by charging more :)
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