I hit a metal rod today. I'm scared to look

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigfish5, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. bigfish5

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    Well today I swung by my buddies house, he is a lifelong friend so I mow his yard for free. Anyway I am mowing his yard and I forgot that he had a metal rod with a loop on the end buried in his back yard. He uses it to tie up his rotty. Well I hit this thing and it makes a racket and shuts the mower off. I turn off the blade and restart the mower and engage the blades and off I go, mowing just fine. When I got home it was almost dark so I have not looked under the deck yet, I'm guessing one of my blades will be gouged real good, is there anything else I should look for?
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  2. BINKY1902

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    You need to take the blade off. I would not engage the blades because the blade will be very unbalanced probably. You might see if you have play in the bearing in the spindle. Probably just bent a blade and need to replace it.
  3. jhawk60

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    I hit the edge of a manhole cover, took a good quarter inch off the edge of it and made a nice chamfer for about a foot around the outside edge. Blade was still sharp and balanced, you couldn't even tell where it contacted the blade.
  4. topsites

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    You'll want to set the blade on a level surface to make sure it didn't bend it.
  5. bigfish5

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  6. bigfish5

    bigfish5 LawnSite Member
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    I can tell u this. I mowed about 3 more acres after I hit it and the grass was
    cut just fine. I will get under there in the morning. If it looks suspicious I will change them out, I have a set of fresh blades if needed. Loving my Exmark hp so far. I even like my triton deck. Bout time for me to see if the underside of the deck needs scraping anywAy.
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  7. ACA L&L

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    the walkers have a number of shear pins on the blade, the shaft and so forth, they are there to help prevent major damage, from the sound of it, your golden other than a possible bent blade.
  8. MikeKle

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    Ive hit a rod which was in concrete, I had to replace the spindle and it broke the blade in two pieces! but it sounds like yours is ok, it probably just pushed the steel eyelet over upon hitting it.
  9. JANDG

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    I ran over a 5' T post I forgot to pick up from earlly day work on my property & actually tried to stop at full speed as I seen it to late. Cut it 3/4 in half & drove it way into ground. Only bent the blade on a CC M72KW Tank. I now look very hard for such things.
  10. creedua

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    I hit a utility pole anchor the other day, it destroyed one of the blades. Who knows how deep that sucker is, so now I trim around it first thing. Owner doesnt want it removed.

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