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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by barringtonbrothers, May 16, 2004.

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    Im going down to the exmark dealer monday morning. Im hoping to get a 52inch Turftracer HP with the 17hp Kawi with electric start and ECS controls. They have a sale right now no interest till september and no payments till october at 9.8%. I decided a walk behind will do better for me as it is more flexible than a Z and has less of a foot print than a Z for my lawns that never seem to dry out. I would love another Z but I would have to trade in my current Z, this way I get another mower, that will match my Z's cut and stripes. Plus if my Z is down I have a backup. Please wish me luck on the loan, as I have good but little credit ( sucks when your young and pay cash and dont need loans). If any of you Exmark users out there have any advice please tell me. I am going to demo it before I buy just to make sure this is what I want. But I have been lokking for 2 years now and I am almost sure this is the one for me.
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    Exmark is very good, go for it I have had nothing but good experiences with exmark, and I have heard nothing but good stuff about them.

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