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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by elmo1537, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. elmo1537

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    I have a quick question. I have been doing lawn maintenance for three years now. We are doing very well but would like to expand our services into paver in the form of sidewalks, retaining walls, and patios. What is the best way to learn the correct way to install them. I do not want to have to learn it by the seat of my pants through my mistakes. I looked into icpi but you have to have prior experience. I do have experience with field stone wall as my brother and I built quite a few of them when i was younger but that is as far as my experience goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Elmo 1537
  2. YardPro

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    you do not have to have any prior experience to go to the icpi course.
    it's a great way to start. They focus on the base... the most important aspect of the paver job...

    remember that witl all hardscapes, the most important and time consuming work is the part that the customers never see.
  3. steve in Pa.

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    one word ICPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your certification first then learn as you go. at least you will know the minimum standard that pavers should be installed correctly. I'm sure there are guys on here that will argue about icpi but set your self apart from the others in your town. If you follow the icpi guidlines you will never worry about a job failing you installed. :weightlifter: :weightlifter:
  4. neversatisfiedj

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    You just missed the MAHTS show. Great info . Go to any shows or seminars you can. I do ;)
  5. amvega

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    Like everybody else has said get ICPI certified. For what it cost it is worth its weight and gold. I learned a lot from that two day class and I was putting pavers in 5 years before that. Needless to say I got my eyes wide open.
  6. Grn Mtn

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    Go to your local distributor and see if they have any training dates coming up (you may have missed them all) get an installation guide or down load one from the manufactures website, Read it, and put a new patio in for your wife:laugh: The installation guide describes a correct procedure so if you follow it, the only thing you might do "wrong" is not do it quickly.
  7. elmo1537

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    They say right on their webpage that this is not a beginner's course and a prerequisite is at least one year experience.
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    Can you tell me the web address?
  9. one man gang

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    Scratch that,got it

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