I just bought a Lesco Z Two, and am having troubles

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by StillwaterMower, Jan 9, 2011.


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    forget it :hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    Your problem, most likely is with the wiring, not an actual component. So stop replacing parts and wasting money. Inspect the harness very carefully for abrasions. If it is a wiring problem, sometimes testing it in the dark will show where the short is. You will SOMETIMES see a flash, along the harness, in the damaged area.. Be advised, the fuse will flash also when it blows. BTW the diagram is impossible to see.
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    Hey Stillwater,

    You are correct that the key probably only turns one way. However, when you turn the key the first click will be to the "on" or "run" position. If you keep turning the key it will then engage the starter. They are not asking if you have turned the key backwards like in a vehicle. They want to know if the fuse blows by just turning the key to that first position, or does it only blow when you try to start it. That information will help you, and others, to know where to start. I hope you get it figured out. Keep us updated.
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    ...thanks for all of the help! It turns out that after replacing some wires that were melted together, and installing the old "shotty" key switch, and installing new magnetos the machine runs!!!! although i do have to use a screw driver to start the mower...the key switch is shot...but it works!:clapping::clapping::cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::dancing::dancing::dancing::dancing::usflag::usflag::usflag::):):)
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    I liked my z-two. Only issue I ever had with it was the seat safety switch wiring got burnt from rubbing. The clutch has to be adjusted which is nicer than the ones that can't be. Only down side is the blades on the 60" are expensive compared to other brands and so are the spindles. Also, the blade bolts are like a 1-1/8 instead of the 15/16.
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    Anyone have the belt diagram for the Lesco z2?

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