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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ground Effects NH, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Ground Effects NH

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    This is at one of my property's, A old mill turned into a 300+ Apt building. All summer I have been asked, When are you going to trim that tree, You missed one, Need my ladder, Even the owner asked how much to put Christmas lights on. I Need some good come back lines.:laugh:
    Also if you look real close in the first pic (right)side the little black spot are bees the camera did not pick up all of them but "hundreds"
    So just keep that in mind on your price:hammerhead:

    smoke 1.jpg

    smoke 2.jpg

    smoke 3.jpg
  2. DBL

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    thats pretty cool looking and its pretty high too
  3. Mickhippy

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    Tell them to start the furnace!

    Choppers run and what? $1500/hr!
  4. Jason Rose

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    Now there's a tree with a will to live! Would be pretty cool to see the base of the thing from in the stack, surely there's a hole somewhere at the bottom to peer into.

    Iv'e seen a abandoned grain silo, small diameter type, with a tree growing out of it before. But that's only maybe 25 feet tall or so.
  5. Woodland

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    from Maine
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    Is that tree actually growing from the bottom of the stack, or just a seedling that lodged in the side near the top?
  6. Eric D

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    Very nice how you arranged the photos, starting with the zoom showing just the top, then all the way down to the whole building. Very interesting architecture, do you have some idea when it was built? Thanks for sharing!

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    Bill no joke I was driving through Franklin the other day past the high school and I was like "Jesus, there is a tree growing out of that old smoke stack. That should be fun tfor whoever has to get that down!" lol Sorry it has to be you.
  8. hoskm01

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    Not a chance

    Ask your insurance company if youre covered atop a 100' stack!
  9. Eric D

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    Do you know anyone with a helicopter in your area? Might have them drop you off up there to do the trimming and pick you up once youÂ’re done.:laugh:

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    maybe you can talk the fire department to help you out

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