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I just got my logo done


LawnSite Senior Member
Looks like a franchise! I am pretty open minded on it and graphics are pretty hip but doesnt come across as professional. Just my 2cents


LawnSite Member
I like it but like aquamtic says it shys away from the professional business logo type.
I think the little clock guy doesn't sit well.

Just my 2cents.


LawnSite Member
I like it the graphics are way cool, BUT If I were a customer the name would detour me. The time cutters could sound like a hurry up bang em out quality of a job or that these guys are too fast therefore the amount of money charged isn't worth it. While I am in favor of quality work and efficient time, some customers see you in and out too fast and don't like it. Just do quality work! I really like the graphics real catchy.


LawnSite Bronze Member
True...but he's not a saver, he's a cutter. I like it.