I just lost my first bid...

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    I was on my way home from my full time job when my cell rings. It's my first response from the ad I placed in the newspaper. The lady wants to get her husband a nice birthday gift and asks how much I charge. I told her I couldn't bid on it until I had a chance to see it in person. (Thanks Lawnsite!). She asks if I can come over now and look at it. I went to her house and she told me she owns 3 acres. The property is basically square in shape with the house and pool in the center. It's gently rolling without any steep hills or slopes. There are approx. 20-30 trees (flowering and fruit) on the property, a satellite dish, septic clean out, out building and two driveways. It's in pretty bad shape and it doesn't look like the weed whacker has been run in about a month. The lawn is polluted with broadleaf plantain and it is all sending up the shoots right now. I walk the whole property with her and figure on a MINIMUM of 1/2 hour trimming and probably 90 minutes to 2 hours mowing. Then 10 minutes of blow time. I explained all that to her. I thought about it and said "It will be $125.00 per cut." She said "That much?!" and thanked me for my time. I left with a smile and thanked her for thinking of us and to call if she needed anything else or changed her mind.

    I'm happy with the bid, but wanted some feedback. Too high?, Too Low? or about right?

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