I just love customers sometimes

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lukemelo216, Apr 1, 2010.

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    So I go and do this clean up the other day. Its in one of the nicer neighborhoods in the town, but this house and the 3 or 4 surrounding it, are garage. I mean they have all sorts of crap and garbage in their back yard, broken glass etc. Guy calls me up and says hey the yard looks great, but there is a a pile of sticks you forgot, and I forgot to tell you to do along the ne side of the garage. I said alright, no prob, be ut first thing tomorrow morning to fix it. I do. Get a call tonight a day later from the wife. The lawn looks horrible we arent recommending you to anyone, I ask what is the problem therese leaves and sticks everywhere still. So I go out there and look. The leaves are frm the neighbors who havent cleaned up their yard yet and it has been extremely windy here lately, and the sticks are like small logs that i piled in a corner. I said I cant help the fact that they havent done anyrthing yet and I dont haul off large wood either. Just is annoying.
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    thanks for the info..
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    That sucks, move on to more understanding clients. And KEEP them.
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    Dont sweat it,,their just breakin your balls. Common sense would tell anyone that those sticks came from the neighbor. Plus do you really think they didnt see that you fully cleaned their yard after they paid you and you left..
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    Maybe you could look at it as an opportunity to do some work for the neighbors :)

    Try to keep your mind positive and look at all situations in a good way!

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