I just want to be legal!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by horizonmowing, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. horizonmowing

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    I guess I will just break the law, and do the jobs. I'm certainly not going to turn them down. To answer your question, I wanted to be INC. to protect the name and logo and such. I don't want to paint a truck and then have to change the name. But, it looks like I will just be a sole proprietorship for a while for some of the reasons that you stated. Thanks for your help.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Actually horizon you don't need Workman's Comp in VA if it's just one employee...once you have 3 total (including you) you have to carry it...although not a bad idea to carry it for your one guy anyway.
  3. maxkicker

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    you say the trade name is under your dad and also that you want to start paying taxes im a little confused there have you guys not been paying taxes
  4. garth1967

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    only you could see the humour in that .......why........because you are a funny guy:cool2:
  5. garth1967

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    firstly let me say i dont know much about the laws in your area but let me say i commend you on your intention .you are obviously a man of good character and wish you all the best with your developing business
  6. horizonmowing

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    Yeah, I haven't paid any taxes as of yet. I really haven't made that much money and anything I have made has been used to buy equipment for this fall. However, this fall I expect to make more then I have all spring and summer. This is partly because this is my senior year in high school, but I have managed to get out at 10:10 every day. Now that I have so much more time, the income will increase dramatically. And yes, I will pay taxes.
  7. horizonmowing

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    Ok, I know absolutely NOTHING about workers Comp. I will have my insurance set up with a private insurance agency, so will that completely cover my one employee? My one employee will work around 30-40hrs per week. But what do I do on Sat. If I want to run a 3 or 4 man crew. If some people are just working 8 hrs a week I don't want to pay full insurance for them. Like I said, I know nothing. THANKS!
  8. mowingtowing

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    Beware, this is what the IRS's site says about paying taxes for those who are self employed:

    You must pay SE tax and file Schedule SE (Form 1040) if either of the following applies.

    * Your net earnings from self-employment (excluding church employee income ) were $400 or more.
    * You had church employee income of $108.28 or more.

    Double check that you aren't supposed to be paying taxes now...

    Regarding workers comp--when you get liability and property insurance with a private company, ask them about workers comp. They should know VA state law.
  9. Roger

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    If I was a taxpayer in your district, paying school taxes, I would ask for part of my money back! And, we wonder why so many high school seniors are unable to read, write, do math, or pass exit exams. I'm not suggesting this is your case, but any district who uses a small portion of the school day for teaching their students ought to be taken to task. They are hardly doing their job, and are wasting taxpayer's money. Senior year, or not, the school district has a job to do when asking for tax money.

    Landscaping at your age can wait -- this is the time for education!

    I know you aren't paying taxes ... but, when you do, and it takes a big bite from your income, you too will wonder why students are out on the street by mid-morning.
  10. HOOLIE

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    No your employee is not covered by W Comp, it's just that you are not required to carry it until you have 3 total employees...if you have an employee you would still want to look into W Comp. Your insurance agent should be able to give you the rates and get you set up. The amount you would pay would be a percentage of the estimated payroll for the year.

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