I just want to be legal!!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by horizonmowing, Sep 2, 2006.

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    I just finished two terms on Oregon landscape license board. We offered other options, too. Some college would substitute. And, various self-employment projects. In fact, if someone submitted 6 small projects per year - 4 years worth - that would open the door. And these could be like mowing, thatching a lawn: even single day projects (to my amazement, but that's the way it is, since they still face the test).

    Do they offer other options like that? You might need to ask.
  2. horizonmowing

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    mdvaden, thanks... Im gunna look and see
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    If you claim that you have been working for your dad, you may give him some headaches he is not expecting. For example, this may put him in the position of having all your earnings imputed to him -- and I doubt he declared those earnings or paid taxes on them when he filed with IRS/state.
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    Legal is the only way to be ... in my opinion. If you think not ... do a little research for a small business owner who was not legit, and who faced a lawsuit. It is not a pretty picture ... especially if you are a homeowner.

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    The only thing that I would recommend you do is sit down with an attorney and an accountant.

    I know that they are expensive, but it is money that is well invested.

    They can guide you in the right direction as far as business decisions are concerned.

    On the other hand, if you want it bad enough, you can get it. Do not let people stomp on your dreams, work hard for what you want.
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    I've been in the business for 2 yrs and things are great. One thing I did notice was the naming of your business has a lot to do with things. Landscaping in the eyes of the people that sit around and collect your tax money etc means creating structures according to most insurance companies (I thought that it was called hardscaping, but who am I), which inturn will increase the cost of insurance etc. I went with LawnCare and it dropped my insurance quotes quite a bit.
  7. Prestige-Lawncare

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    It may not be of great concern to this young man, who more then likely has very limited assets. But for someone like myself, who owns a home, vehicles, RV, lawn care equipment, etc .... those assets need to be somewhat protected by a corporation.

  8. topsites

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    Way I got around Class C is I don't enter agreements in those big amounts, it also protects me from getting took for more than a few hundred while it protects the customer from wasting money in their excitement (it is dangerous to make financial decisions when excited).

    See, I'm verbal per job, and likely I will never be able to complete in excess of a thousand dollars worth of work.
    At least not in ONE day.

    That is not to say I can not do it, but say someone wants a TON of work done, there's a thread on here someplace where some Lco is currently wondering if he's ever going to get paid $2,400 that he's owed... Do you really want this?

    Way I do it, $100 / week worth of work, finish the work and bill them.
    Wait for the check, then go back and do the next $100 worth.
    And so on.

    And yes I know more than a few customers who have money burning a hole in their pocket (or so they say) act like they want this all done as of yesterday... But I'm not sticking my neck out like that, I am not putting everything on hold for them, not even for a hundred thousand dollars... Because I still have to get PAID first.

    So, $100/ week or so... Believe me, you do that for 6-8 weeks and I guarantee it slows down the mouthiest of them. Matter of fact, I haven't seen any Johnny-come-latelies last more than 2-3 weeks before the cold, hard truth dawns on them (which is 'Dang I didnt think it would be this expensive...' (huhuhu lol)).

    So, it's for your protection and theirs. Yes, you COULD have made off with several thousand IF you had rushed in and wooshed it away, but then what if they wised up and you never got paid? Nevermind that you put everyone else on hold for this, you will hurt yourself and your business via this method if you think you can just put everything on the back burner for Mr. & Mrs. Money.

    $100 / week maximum, per customer.
    And so long you don't get into annual contracts, you will never exceed the $1000 Class C limitation.
    OR, you can just get a Class B since you might exceed $7000 / year lol...
  9. bkdlawnCo

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    i know to get around all this licensing problems with lack of experience or work time(the 2 years). What me and my dad came up with is he put the business in his name and licensed it. he dealt with the licensing but i run the whole deal and he cuts me a pay check everyweek and the rest goes into the business account. Then the money that is left in the account, if enough, is spent on a new truck, mower, etc. that way there is a less amount to tax you on. and if you do it this way say you net $15k the first year after paying yourself and you plan to net $17-20k the next year you bump up your weekly paycheck. this method really helps your business grow because you learn to live off the paycheck everyweek and then your expenses are kept to a level where your not killing yourself everyweek to pay your insurance,rent(mortgage), and everyone needs to eat...Thats how we do it, i don't know if that helps you any just thought i'd let you know. I think part of the problem is that VA may be looking at you as an inexperienced 17 year old kid. If your father who is older went into get licensed it wold go easier...if that makes any sense...haha...good luck with everything you do in the future.

  10. Grass Kickin

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    Is this 1000.00 for a single job or is it over the course of a year say through a landscaping contract?

    If it is for a single job can you beat it by getting paid in installments or doing part of the work?, Who the heck is going to check you? I know you said you wanted to be legal but it seems you might be looking for a way to skirt around the issue due to the red tape involved.

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