I Know Which Is The Most Powerful Blower!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Katie_A_C, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Katie_A_C

    Katie_A_C LawnSite Member
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    I just recently bought a used Stihl BR420 Magnum from another company in the area so I have been very interested in the back pack blower discussions. I have read allot of threads arguing about which is the most powerful Back Pack blower and I think I can finally end the debate!!!!!!!:dancing:

    Today, I was at a local dealer Open House and they had a Back Pack Blower Challenge course set-up. The three blowers in the challenge were the Echo 750 , the Redmax 8000 and the Stihl BR600..

    The first test was to see how high each blower could blow 4 baseballs in a sealed tube. The Redmax won by over 1' and the Echo and Stihl were almost exactly equal for second with the Sthil just nudging the Echo by maybe 1/4" or less.

    The second test (which prolly isn't as accurate as the first) was to see which blower could blow 4 big garbage bags full of newspaper past a finish line that was about 40' away. Again the Redmax won easily by almost 20 seconds and the Stihl and Echo came very close for second with the Echo just nudging the Stihl by maybe 1 second or less.

    The third test was to see how far away each blower could be from a brick and still move the brick. Again the Redmax won easily.

    It was really fun to see the testing and there was other fun things and food at the Open House but I am now kinda depressed because my Stihl BR420 wasn't even strong enough to make it in the competition (I tried it in the sealed tube and it wasn't even close to the other 3 contender's)

    Well, I guess it's still alot better than the handheld blower I used most of last year but I will definately buying a Redmax when I can afford to!!!!:clapping:
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    Wish my dealer's had open house's... Thats no fair:cry:
  3. lawnspecialties

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    Now that's an excellent thread! Thanks for posting. I wish other dealers would do things like that. You'll never see commercial blowers in Consumer Reports so somebody's gotta' do it.:waving:
  4. Gatewayuser

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    Yes it is good to hear reviews of products. I too wish my dealer would do something like that but they don't.
  5. N.TX

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    Buy a Redmax 7001 series .... almost as powerful as the 8000. I have an 8000... sure its powerful but it doesnt blow much sitting in the repair shop. Now they have a 8001 thats replacing the 8000 ... id think about buying that after its been out maybe a yr or so.
  6. ed2hess

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    Don't be depressed about your BR420 it is a great blower and you will be very productive with this unit and all indications are it will run a long time. We don't push many balls up tubes or blow bags across the pavement but when we need a real blower we go get our 13hp WB Billygoat.
  7. Uranus

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    Hi Cutie A C. I mean Katie. That post confirms what alot of us thought to be true. There were a million threads and post over the fall about what blower to buy. You saw them. Seems like nobody had used all three of the big boys, but they all had opinions. I like my echo 751 and 755. If these backpacks get any bigger were going to be spending more time blowing mulch back into beds than we did blowing the leaves out. Nice post.
  8. RedMax Man

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    Ya, The RedMax EBZ8000 is #1 with me.:cool2: That things a beast. I didn't know girls knew so much about equipment.:laugh: We've been arguing this blower topic for that last month at least.
  9. Katie_A_C

    Katie_A_C LawnSite Member
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    I know, I read through some of those threads AFTER I bought my BR420.:angry: If I had read everything first and seen the tests I prolly still would have bought the BR420 though because I got it used at a very good price so I can't complain.

    I will definately be saving up for a Redmax 8000 though. payup

    The biggest thing that I learned in my first year was that the right equipment makes HUGE time savings. When I went from my little Ryobi Hand Held to the Stihl BR420, it saved me almost 5-15 min. (I would say 15 if there was wet grass on the drive) on every lawn!:dancing: and I won't even comment on how much time I saved after going from my dad's electric trimmer to a curved shaft gas one (even though it was a homeowner trimmer)!!!
  10. Uranus

    Uranus LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Mass
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    Redmax- U following me tonight- Tag your it.

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