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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OMG, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. OMG

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    help to others.

    After we finished our route today, I came home, took a shower and jumped in the pool......

    After a little while, I decided my lawn needed mowing before the next rain hits.

    So, I get out of the pool (with swimming trunks on).....unload the ZTR and mow the lawn right quick. Then I edge and trim.......

    The purpose in this post is to state that my shorts (actually swim trunks, but look like shorts) were dry in minutes after getting out of the pool. Even though I sweated heavily in the 97 degree heat, my shorts never got wet again. .....and the best thing, when I edged and weed trimmed, no grass stuck to the shorts.

    The cotton polo type shorts I usually wear stay wet all day once they get wet......

    I think I may start wearing a new wardrobe while on the job.....lol
  2. cedarcroft

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    GREAT!!! now I can mow in my speedo!!!
  3. jt5019

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    Thats the way to go.... ladies will be all over you :cool2:
  4. Mo Green

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    I found some work out shorts on sale at Hechts last week for $9 a pair. The kind that are suppose to keep you dry when you sweat. Well, they seem to work really well so far. I also bought a couple of the shirts, too, for the same price. By the time I got to the next house, it was almost completely dry.
  5. gogetter

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  6. Mo Green

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  7. OMG

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    Glad you're in NY and I'm way down South....lol

    I've actually considered starting a side crew of bikini girls like some of the car washes down here.......but I figured the oil prices were too high.

  8. splatz100

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    I wear lightweight tan fishing pants with my white company shirts. They protect you pretty good and they are not hot at all.
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    no kidding. I dont wanna see no guy in speedos thats for sure lol.. hey OMG where are you in MS?
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    I too am at this point evaluating new uniform clothes.

    I prefer polo shirts or tees and cargo style shorts.

    Generally I am dressed as above in my avatar.
    Exmark red polo, Exmark grey cargo shorts, and I am usually 'less' the hat most days.

    The problem is that I used to wear darker charcoal grey cargo shorts.
    So while the exmark grey ones have repelled stains pretty well, over time they all have permanent stains, and most stuff this color would be ruined in a day.

    So anyways, the color is a bit cooler, and I'd like to stick with the cargo style.
    But I would like shorts that dry faster and repel stains better.

    As far as shirts, the exmark red is surprisingly cool. But I'm now testing other colors, namely a more visible canary yellow. I like them and I believe my logo looks better on the yellow. But again, my problem is stains.

    So, just as the shorts, I would like to find some shirts that dry faster and repel stains better.
    I wouldn't be above all tees either if I could find something.

    All I have looked at so far is the Star-Dri shirts from Starter.
    But they have their "S" logo on them and I know nothing about these types of fabrics.

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