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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by smarino21, Dec 19, 2006.

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    I was lookin into fertilizing, i am not licensed as of yet but am lookin into it. I was wondering what if i fertilized and just charged for that can i get in any trouble ? Also were do you find info on getting licesed?
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    YOu can do it, but the catch is, is that people will want weed control as well as any insect/disease control that is necessary. That is where you are limited. As a matter of fact, weeds are MOST people's main concerns. They like the lawn to be nice and green, lush, and healthy, but having the weeds controlled is one of the most important things to them. After all, what good is a nice dark green lawn, when it is covered with dandelion, and/or plantain (or any other weeds).
    It is at this point that you are not able to apply any sort of pesticides. The state of Michigan has rather high licensing standards, but it is for good reason. Tere are many people who believe they can go out and spread the stuff on a commercial basis - in quantities, but don't have either the basic knowledge of the safe and effective use of pesticides, let alone the differences of types, and proper identification of targets - as to be able to exercise IPM and proper cultural practices. There are several threads on here regarding licensing stadards here in Michigan and if you do a search, you will turn up some good results. As a matter of fact, do a search using the word "licensing", and put in my name on the name side. I have addressed this issue quit a few times for different individuals and explained the requirements here in Michigan. there is also a sticky I believe, that has all the states' requirements at the top of this forum. I hope this helps. Incidentally, where are you?

  3. How about looking at the first sticky by groundkeepers, in the pesticide, herbicide & fertilizer application forum!
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    You cant get licensed to do this for your own business unless you have two years verifiable experience working for someone else.

    It'll never happen.

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    Call the office of the MDA in Lansing and discuss this apparent "catch 22" with them. I am certain that it can be legally overcome.

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