I lost my first one of the year today.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WHIPPLE5.7, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Three weeks ago a lady called me for power raking. I went there and her grass was really tall from last fall. I told her I would have mow, power rake, hand rake, and then mow again to pick left over clippings. I quoted her the price and she was fine with it. I showed up and did the job. After I mowed down last years tall grass, I power raked and it left a very substantial amount of thatch as if it hadn't been done ever before. I raked, bagged, and mowed. She said that is the best her yard has looked in the 30 years she has lived there and also said she would like to have me mow every 2 weeks. She paid me and even tipped me $10 and said I'll see you when I need it mowed. Today she calls me and says "I want you to come back and re-power rake my yard because I don't think you gave me my moneys worth". I explained that I ended up taking about (12) 55 gallon trash bags of clippings and dead thatch out of her yard and that any more than what I did would be overkill. She then said that she didn't think I even power raked at all(she sat there and watched me for 3.5 hours as I did it). Then she says I did it only 2 or 3 days ago(3 weeks). I realized she was going to be to much to deal with and told her that I hope her next lawn guy does better than me and hung up.
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    How old is she?
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    mid 80's and most of them are my biggest complainers. People 60 or less ***** the least.
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    I thought as much. Is it possible her mind is playing tricks on her?

    I had the same problem recently where I mowed a ladys yard with my WB and the next week when I showed up she swore up and down I used a push mower.

    She had told me her old company used 21s and I think she was confused.
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    I agree this lady sounds confused in her old age.
    If you think her state of confusion will cause trouble (possibly forgetting monthly pays:() in the future, politely decline to do any more biz for her and move on.
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    That B!tch sounds crazy:eek:

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