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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chefdrp, Apr 18, 2005.

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    Hi all. I have a prob that i think i have solved but want your opinion. I live in a tourist type town and 90% of my customers i hardly see. I have a new customer that baught a house (his weekend house) thats like 400000 bucks. The was landscaping that he didnt like from the other owner. I do this part time and dont do huge landscape jobs. so the customer hired a big outfit to do the job. One of the biggest outfits here. They have been trying to get the mowing account since then the customer has told me for the past month ina half. anyway i go to the guys house to show him some ground bees that i spotted so that his kids dont get stung. I get there and he tells me hes in a bad spot. Tells me that lighthouse landscapeing will knock 500 bucks off the landscape if they get the mowing. they also plow and would take care of the bed same as i would do. I told Tony that i dont blame the for trying once. he says he loves my work and have been very helpful to him. (finding a company for paveing and so on.) He said he would let me know on tuesday who he will go with. I cut on wed. Now to me he has already made up his mind or he would have nevr even talked to me, just would have told the other guys NO. I called the company and asked what the hell. they are huge and do mainly commercial, and why. they said that Tony approached them. I think i will call Tony and tell him that I have solved the prob. He might be better off dealing with them. Now the account is for 40 buck and is a nice manicuerd lawn. lots of line trimming and new added on seeded turf. I fig i would give up the lawn a nd find say 2 lawns at 30 bucks and make 20 more than before. What do you think. Sorry for being so long.
    Darrin, DRP MOWING..
    1995 F-150 2005 chevy 2500 H/D with fisher X-Blade
    J.D. 737 Ztrak 54". Lesco 54" ZTWO.
    48" Lesco H/D float deck ,echo B/P Blower, Echo 150 hedge trimmer,line trimmer and various other stuff.
    That was a thread i started last year. Well the owner called me back and i got the lawn back. Here are pics of the install they did. This is why i am getting the lawn back. They did a pi$$ poor job on a fall clean-up too What do you think?

    Picture 199.jpg

    Picture 200.jpg

    Picture 201.jpg

    Picture 202.jpg

    Picture 205.jpg
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    They owe you an apology and should be thrilled to have you back. Best of luck to you!
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    It HURTS me to look at that!

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