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I love it when a plan comes together....

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jeffinsgf, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. jeffinsgf

    jeffinsgf LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 641

    Core aerated the yard Saturday. Yesterday I had 16 yards of compost and 8 yards of fine sand delivered. The compost is from Springfield MO's recycling center. It's a blend of yard waste and coffee grounds from a local company that makes coffee candy. Smells great for about a week after you spread it.

    A couple years ago I bought a Turfco Mete-R-Matic tow behind off eBay. It was a pile of rusted junk, but I didn't pay much for it. I rebuilt it and have used it two or three times to topdress. Yesterday, when the first load of compost arrived, I fired up the garden tractor and started spreading compost. The second load arrived just about the time it was getting harder to get a full bucket from the pile. The sand arrived about 10 minutes before I was finished with the compost. I thought the sand spreading was going to get rained out, but it just sort of drizzled on me for the last half hour. After I finished the sand and got the machinery put away, the rain picked up, but never poured buckets. Ended up getting a 1/4 inch over several hours, which bedded the topdressing in nicely.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    I didn't sit around waiting for hours for materials.
    I had the right tools for the job at hand.
    The weather cooperated with the work (sort of).
    600 dollars worth of topdressing didn't get washed away by downpour.

    Don't know whether to count my blessings or watch out for the axe that must be falling.

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