I love my 4 banger

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lowballer17, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. lowballer17

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    Anyone else cutting with a 4 banger Jeep Wrangler? My Mexican built 2.4 liter gets no worse than 18 mpg towing in the city. Sure, I wont win too many races, but who cares? I tow a 5x10 trailer with a 36" Gravley wb and a 34" Gravley rider, along with trimmers, an edger, blower and 21" mtd push mower. I cut the front end of the trailer off so the wb can hang over a foot. Mobil 1 in the crankcase along with regular maintainance keeps me going. Plus no one even thinks about stealing a 4 banger Jeep!
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    Awesome...but you mpg is not good for a 4 banger. This 18mpg is as about same as F 150, 4.2, V6. An average 4 cyl Ranger can tow @ 22 mpg....so you mpg is not exciting.

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