I love recessions!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Mar 18, 2009.

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    Everytime this happens, I am tempted to send them a bill. That is so incredibly frustrating. One time, I had picked up several new accounts, saw the competitor truck in the neighborhood, warned them that if I came back and they were sprayed that he would have a fight on his hands.

    Well, he didn't spray them, but just put estimates on the doors that were about half of what the normal price would be.
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    I just had one yesterday also This was lawn doctor customer cancelled last year and they show up as a courtasy application. customer was not happy in the least.
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    I'm new to this but why would they do apps on canceled customers? Wouldn't they be wasting money? I don't get it......
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    Lawn Doctor not unlike TG/CL is a marketing company that use every trick in the book to gain accounts or keep them. Their cost of acquiring accounts is more than a treatment cost. Therefore if giving a treatment gets them the account back, they are ahead of the game.
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    When we have a rainy winter followed by snow, ice,increment temperatures and alot of moisture, it will fortell a good year for grub control, mole control, insect control, weed control, home structure,fence rapair. We have alot of work lined out, but for an unforseen factor last week, we are unable to work.......that is another thread!

    It is ironic that this thread went from one topic to another TGCL debate and isolated incidents associated with this companies notorious tactics to gain customers.
    I recieved my mail last week from our Terminex Company, and what did you know, on the same renewal booklet TGCL has an advertisement for lawn spraying. "???"

    "Did they merge with Terminex--or vise versa".
    I called TGCL and inquired about their prices for lawn services. Their add specified 29.99 for the first application up to 5,000 sq.ft. That is 6.00 per K.. I didn't go into detail with this call center person, all I did was thank them for their inquiry.
    I estimated a lawn job a couple days prior that had TGCL and the customer said that he didn't like their results. He didn't take our 5 applications, instead he took 2 postemerge treatments and fertilizer because I was too high he said. The 8,000 sq.ft. lawn was covered with about 5,000 onion bulbs, henbit,chickweed,clover,emerging crabgrass,dock,all the usual winter annuals and perennials.
    I told this customer to contact Lowe's or Home Depot and pre price out their Scott's 5 step program for weed control on his lawn. I recommended he do this as a educational tool to prove to him that if he can get it done cheaper to do it himself........point blank!
    I do know how much this stuff will cost locally at retail prices to homeowners and that is with them putting it down, buying the product and delivering it themselves.......don't forget the spreader they will have to buy and calibrate.
    My rate was the same as trugreen's but he was wanting it done cheaper. After I told him of the price increase to simple ferts like 13/13/13 being 28.00 for a 40# bag, he dropped his jaw. I can still purchase this product from co-ops but the supply won't be around all season.
    I will let TGCL wheel and deal to go quantity while starving out the competitor. I can't control what they do........nor do I wan't too. Let their buyers be ware of the quality of treatments they are getting. When that customer is unhappy with results, then they will call back. The very last thing I told my customer is they were cheaper to accomodate his finances. That is why you are calling me to treat your lawn. I can get rid of these weeds and keep them from coming back. All you have to do is pay a fair price for the treatments as estimated by market prices. Do not scrimp on applications or you will be unhappy with me..................... !!!!!!
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    If the customer canceled and they are spraying that lawn without the customer's permission, they are in a lot of trouble with the regulatory types. The customer would need to complain.

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    i hate that
    already had a few this season
    and the customers wanted a refund from me to pay them lol
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    Except for all the newbies that are gonna pop up. Just look at the posts on here lately.

    HMMMMMMMMM...... let me go google and see how to "professionally" apply fertilizer......holy cow look at this....lawnsite, let me ask these guys to give up years of experience and knowledge so after 5 minutes I can go apply "to my church/ my lawn / my mom's / my sister" because that really isnt applying commercially:hammerhead:
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    Yes, I just want to slash their tires. They are bullying one of my old lady customers. i told her to call the attorney general. We are also having alot of mole/vole problems in the Cleveland area. Have sold alot of add on services this year.
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    Sad it has come to this but that is a good idea i have this happen
    at least 5-7 times a year.

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