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    Most professionals have better things to do with their time than driving around a customer and 'hanging' out with him at Home Cheapo.

    I used to do this for neighbors when I was 16. They would give me their debit card and keys to vehicle and I would pick up the flowers. I cannot imagine a real business ever doing this.
  2. I know what he said, and I figured that much, bit I don't know if Ric was joking or being serious.
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    I am dead serious. I am a Yard Care Professional and hopefully project an image of knowing my stock and trade. I am not a Yard Idiot. One time I drove very good customer to a tree farm where she picked out a memorial Tree to plant in honor of her husband who recently died. But that was a very special thing and healing process for her. I didn't charge her for anything except my guys time to plant the tree. She is still my very good customer and friend. I don't make my friends my customer, But I sure try to make my customers my friend. But I draw the line at having any thing but a Professional relationship.

    My Doctor is also a personal friend. Our Kids grew up together and we were neighbors before divorce. I have his cell number on my cell. BUT when in public or his office I only address him with the respect he deserves and his professional title. Why deal with any one you don't have complete faith and trust in??
  4. Gotchya. You were just adding to what the OP said?? I didn't know where you were coming from bc you directed your comment at me and I didn't say you werent a pro...just a little confused is all.
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