I LOVE Walker

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Armsden&Son, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Just like the title says.

    I LOVE Walker.

    Just thought I would reiterate that for those of you who might not know or might have forgotten.
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    I like them too, what makes you love them so much.
  3. GQLL

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    Another walker guy here. Once you drink the cool aid your hooked. Adding are third mt26 this spring well now the t25i
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    8 diesels love em
  5. Armsden&Son

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    Well, there are actually about a hundred things I like about Walker mowers but I will narrow the list down.

    I have been running them since about 1998. They are just second nature to me, when I run them it just feels like an appendage that I have always had. Everything is just so darn comfortable. I wear modified hearing protection so I can hear the machine. Other guys have talked about this but a long time Walker operator is listening to the machine all the time... Those of us that have been running them for a long time don't even need the full hopper alarm.

    The company itself. If you have ever dealt with Walker or know anything about them then you know what I am talking about. It is not just a mower company out to make a profit. There are real values and ideals that the company and the Walker family promote. These are the types of folks I want to give my money to for a product that I not only need but LOVE.

    For #3 I will include a couple technical aspects. Top shelf performance, versatility, and dependability. Walker's QOC is world famous, literally. And the ability to stripe right out of the factory bone stock? Done. The GHS models suck up everything... EVERYTHING! Case in point, there are so many companies out there that only use Walkers for spring and fall clean-ups... Why spend 13 thousand dollars on something that you will only use for 2-3 months out of the year? Because it is the absolute best tool for the job... period.
    GHS models, The B and H models, 36-74 in. decks ranging in collection, side discharge and mulching applications, bed edgers, power brooms, grading/material buckets, high lift hopper dump, snowblowers, aerators, de-thatchers, edgers, cold-weather cabs, boom sprayers, dozer blades, blowers. AND..... The ability to basically interchange all of the above with each other. Do you have a GHS model but need to do a little more side discharging? No problem, throw a SD deck on, disconnect the blower and voila! Like I said, super versatile.
    I frequent a lot of internet forums dealing with landscaping/lawncare and I honestly have no idea why some folks think that the Walker brand is a "maintenance nightmare" or "fragile" or "expensive to run." My experience, and most everybody I speak with about its experience's are only of rock solid dependability. Not sure if people say those types of things because they are owners and have inexperienced operators incorrectly operating the machines? Or maybe they are just plain haters and say these things because they want to be negative. Or, maybe they only have the capital for a mid-mount? I really don't know but there are SO MANY high hour Walker machines of different varieties out there. Just ask gene gls, who has 4000+ hours on his unit... Or ask BlackCloudDiesel who has 7100 hours on his MD!!!!!!

    The future.... How many lawn mower or tractor companies do you know of that just up and re-brand after 60 plus years? NONE!!! At least not in the drastic way that Walker did it just a couple months back. This takes stones. In fact, I started a thread about it because I was ecstatic. Well, that thread didn't get much attention and I really don't care because I can realize genius when I see it. Yes, Walker had many different logo's throughout the years but we are not just talking about logos. We are talking about branding. And being a small business owner, I know and understand an awful lot about branding. When you have the amount of competition most of us have now-a-days, you HAVE to understand it. Walkers re-branding or new branding isn't just about logo's. It's about the future of the company. It's about Ryan and Ted Walker taking the company to places it has never been and at the same time honoring the core values and traditions started by Max Walker and improved upon by Bob and Dean Walker all those years ago. My most recent Walker, at MT26 GHS, or T model cost me just about 13 thousand dollars. It is the most expensive piece of equipment I own.(my 1 ton dump truck and enclosed trailer combined were less money) But, there is something to be said about the fact that while I have been running Walkers, 3 generations of the Walker family have been working on the product. Tweaking, bettering, pouring their heart and soul into it. I am so proud to run Walker mowers and I truly feel as if I am part of the Walker family. And that feeling is worth a lot more than 13 grand.
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    Hey Armsden I can see you a real true walker fan.:waving:
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    I have some honest Walker questions as I have never ran one. They seem to be popular in urban areas where lots are small, flat, and require bagging.

    How many bushels does the Walker hopper hold? (My 12 bushel bagger fills up in two passes on 1 acre plus properties, and leaves here get over a foot deep) Good thing I only have a handful of customers that want bagging.

    How do they cut in the rain/dew/wet conditions? (We mow in wet conditions often)

    How do they handle hills? (Im talking real hills)

    I have had customers complain about the third wheel stripe from the sulky on a WB. How much is the Walker 3rd wheel eliminator kit?

    What is the top speed of a Walker and how comfortable are they on rough properties? (We have some large rough properties, 3 acres plus)

    How is the cut quality on Walker side discharge decks? Clipping size, discharge pattern, any clumping when wet? And any pics would be great.

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    Had one loved it also, just toooo slow,, should of named them Runner! :laugh:
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    I just recently spoke with my old boss this year at hunting camp. He now has 13 Walkers, I 1st worked for him in 1997 and the year prior he had just purchased his 1st Walker in 1996. I asked what he ever did with that machine, as at one time it was the beater the machine the new guys would learn on, 1st to get the snow blower attachment, dedicated broom for parking lot sand in the spring ect. I was mortified to hear him tell me he still used it and it is in the line up at the shop!!!! Re powered of course as it was the air cooled Kohler. Hour meter broke long ago. He has traded in many others but course but kept his 1st.

    I just bought 1 in the fall with almost 2500 hours, all original drive train and can't believe how smooth it runs. I do think Walkers are designed to be re powered and parts replaced as needed, especially with all the grease points and full metal parts.

    After having been off one and out of the business for years and getting my own last fall (granted used) I had a huge smile on my face.
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    I really like your thread and contributions on here, thx. Some of these questions I can give you my opinion/experiences, I'm guessing you already know though:).

    The the box holds around 10. From my experiences they chop up and pack clippings much more than bagging units, so you can make more passes. I dump around twice +\- on my 1 acre lots not including fall clean up.

    They are not fast. I have used much faster mowers; however, I've never mowed full stick, full speed on any lawn, mabye it's just me. The out front mowing saves trimming time the deck on my walker will fit under objects that my 36 Exmark won't fences, porch overhangs ect.

    They do as good in wet as any. Disclaimer I've only used Exmark and Toro products and some JD. They work in heavy dew or wet lawns from rain the night prior. Again from being a foreman mowing in the rain sucks and productivity goes down. We pack up and mulch trimming ect if it is going to rain most of the day.

    Hills suck with any mower as well. If you go straight down pushing back on the hopper then back up the hill doing the same you can do some serious inclines. This took me awhile to figure out.

    No experience with the side discharge decks. If I wAs going to side discharge I probably not suggest a Walker.

    If I had to haul off all clippings from all properties I would try and find a different system. We had crews mowing 5 days a week out of pick ups and never would return with more than a bed full of clippings. Being able to dump on site is huge. Sometimes leaving one lawn near full if you could not dump make a pass at the next then dump on site.

    If I did mostly properties over 1 acre I would probay use a different mower. I could let the clippings fly and not have to worry about driving around with a large bagging system hanging over the side of the mower. A 52-60" ZTR with a power bagger is a tank.

    3rd wheel it is what it is, when the rear wheel wobbles around I agree it looks not great. I'm getting a full solid rear wheel for mine so it is more planted. I believe proper rear tire pressure assists in preventing this wobble. This is the one reason I almost did not buy one for myself. You can get a split tail kit.

    In short IMO Walkers excel on 1/2-properties under 2ac.
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