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    the I LOVE YOU VIRUS is on the move again, i had 2 emails today.
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    Did the emails contain the virus or were they warnings from friends and family about the virus?
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    Hello Everybody:

    Yes, you need to be very careful when it comes to E-mail & links too.

    I've been on the net since 1994, doing webdesign since 1995 & I haven't got Virus yet. LOL, I'm lucky & I do not use Virus protection programs either. I have them but they rob to much system resources, bog my puter down, I run mine very hard & they can cause you problems while installing new programs too!

    What do I do?

    If I do not know who or where the E-mail is from, I don't download it, if it has something to download. As far as I know it's OK to read them.

    Also I don't go to Wierd named links either, If I do mouse over on link & it looks out of the ordinary as far as the URL address is concerned I do not click on it.

    There is some of that Java stuff out there that can do strange things to your computer & also retrieve info off yo puter. I have nothintg to hide but I do not want anybody messing around with my puter?

    I have talked to folks that have got some of these Firewall programs & they say everybody needs it because you would be surprised who is trying too & going inside your hard drive while you are surfing.

    If you on the net & not behind a firewall, folks can get into your puter while you are surfing! I will get one of those Firewall Programs soon!
  4. LoneStarLawn

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    The reason I was asking about whether it was a virus email or a warning is because alot of warning themselves are fakes. They ask you to forward the warning to everyone you know which in turns starts a panic...if everyone was to do this it would cause a huge panic when there is actually no virus at all.
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