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    I dono? where to Start? Retierd I started doing My & our Sons Lawn & I have allways liked working out Doors & in enjoying It I guess? I did little thngs? where ever? I mowed & I was Asked? to Mow others simple as that I Assume? & my Enjoyable business built Up & I didn*t really notice it all that much! I started w/small Push Mower & a Rake a couple of Shovels & Added a Bush Shear this is my this year of Making Money this Past Winter I have over Hauled My Rider--an older Sulky--that took a bit of getting use to!--I have Two Brush Hogs a larger Older model & a Near New Small One-- I built my Own Trailer a twin axle 22 ft long that Holds all my Equipment & space for Debris--I have Two Pick Ups a 75 Chevy 3/4 ton that Hauls My Trailer & an older Dodge 4x4 that I plow with which I really Don*t Need! as I work winters for a Local Construction Contractor & I usually Use His w/ His Permision! as All my Driveways are Located on One Street so Plowing is Easy--just Plowing One Drive & going just across the Street to Another! 20 in Total aprox three pushes Each! so It don*t take very Long to Do! & I don*t have to Worry! about Loosing My Customers as their Personal & Close Freinds just today a Freind Dropped by & Showed Me His New FORD 4X4 w/ a new Meyers Plow! Beautuful Truck--He plowed Out my Mail Box w/ 416 Miles showing on the Speed0 My Big Purchase this Spring will be aother Small Push Mower! Poulin<Spelling? as the Base seems to be Really Rugged? a Cheapie--$139.00 Nothing Fancy just a Plain Jane Mower as My Ole Ones Getting Tired? & I need a few new Spring rakes as Their My Favorate! Will I guess? thats about It? any Advice Or Suggestions APPRICATED! Ole Tower

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