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    Today I was on the way from one account to another, turning on a side road. I noticed another "LCO" at the corner of this side road and the main road that runs into my small town.

    Let me paint y'all a picture...

    This guy was pulling his trailer with a mid 80's Ford Ranger that was at least 3 or 4 colors (one door I saw was red, while the majority of the truck was white or tan). He was pulling about a 5X8 homemade wood trailer with no sides on it. Sitting beside the trailer was one of those Toro Home Depot specials...that really looked beat up. He had cut this strip mall, and either his deck is off or he has a seriously low tire because every pass was gouged (not slightly) where it was cutting VERY uneven. I'd say at least 3/4" difference.

    Now...none of that is why I posted....we've all seen those guys. He was in the process of "trimming" around the building, telephone box and power pole. He was trimming with a pair of those extra long SCISSORS!!! I'm not even joking.

    Now, either this guy is incredibly meticulous or ????? As I turned I could see between the power pole and telephone box and I don't think he was meticulous. Maybe his trimmer broke down or doesn't have one. I did see a heavy duty push broom leaning against the truck...I suppose that's his blower.

    I didn't know whether to be impressed with him for operating very frugal, feeling sad for him, or being pretty pissed for making us all look bad. I leaned toward the last one. I would imagine he bid pretty low, well below the going rate. Plus, the really crappy job he was doing.

    It wasn't just this location. Later in the day a buddy of mine (also a FF and LCO) called me and told me about this guy trimming with scissors at a business next to one he does. When I started describing him...it was the same guy of course. He said that when he got to the property lines (my buddies account and his) he just swung it over onto my buds account gouging into the grass. And he was doing the "homeowner circle pattern". You know...just making circles that get smaller each time.
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    wow! i dont thnk i can top tht!
    also Hello from a fellow FT Firefighter
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    I did that once, a long long time ago. Actually, my weedeater was in the shop, and there was this one tuft of grass by the customer's garage. lol. I felt pretty resourceful at the time.
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    I wonder what kind of scissors.....
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    why is it that every fire fighter is also an lco?
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    Lol, thats pretty funny

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    Got a problem?
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    Ok I am not nocking you but what is wrong with mowing in tightning circles? I have heard many speak of it and I will be the first to say their are many ocasions where I will mow that way do to where I am. If this is what you think of as a way only for the unlearned or homeowner to mow you need to learn alot about about the turf business. Now as for what you say give the guy some credit he is at least tring.

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    IMO I think the look of the yard afterwards is not as appealing as mowing in some sort of pattern.

    I do use this sometimes during leaf time blowing all the leaves to the center. But other than that...I just don't think it looks that good. But like everything, just my opinion.
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    Yes he is trying but he is keeping the prices down for the rest of us. Which hurts all of us.

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